Top 10 Best Radial Car Tires 2020 Reviews

If you crave for a comfortable and stable driving experience, think about buying the best quality radial car tires. There are numerous models of this type of tires on the market. However, some features distinguish some tires as the best. If you need the best quality, the following top 10 best radial car tires 2020 reviews should be your options. Read on to discover.

10. Continental ExtremeContact DWS All-Season Tire—225/50R16 92W

It is one of the highly rated ultra high performance models of tires today. It is a high quality all-season tire for the drivers who need great hold in dry, wet, or frigid road states. It has predominant tread-life, and provides comfort and the traction performance sedans, sports cars, game cars and trucks need. Its DWS (dry, wet and snow) indicators alert you when the tires lose their edge while performing on dry pavement, rain or in snow.


9. Good-year Eagle GT Radial Tire—205/65R15 94V

Enjoy all-season performance, style, and great handling with this tire. Its High Performance Zone ensures dry grip and confident handling, as an All Season Zone offers improved traction on snowed and wet roads. Its TredLock technology microgrooves provide biting edges to ensure great wet traction and lock together to provide confident grip on corners. It also has a rim protector for protecting wheels from accidental curb scrapes and damage.

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Best Radial Car Tires

8. Milestar MS932 Sport All-Season Radial Tire—225/45R18 95V

From a great brand and tire line, this model is designed for durability and t provides great traction for your truck or car application. It is one type of tire that comes with affordable price tag. The Milestar-MS932 Sports All-Season is a bestselling radial tire you can be confident with today.

Best Radial Car Tires

7. Good-year Eagle LS-2 Radial Tire—225/55R17 95T

Get a smooth, quiet, and all-season ride with this quality radial tire. Its four circumferential grooves evacuate water to provide improved wet traction. A unique tread block sequence enhances traction and handling while reducing tread noise. There is a rim protector for preventing wheels from accidental curb scrapes and damages. It looks modern.

Best Radial Car Tires

6. Dunlop SP Sport Maxx High-Performance Tire—255/40R18 95Z

If you own a luxury sports car, this tire is exactly for you. It enhances both the appearance and performance of the most high-powered cars. It provides wonderful dry handling and superbly maintains wet handling thanks to Multi-Radius Tread Technology, while its Twin Hydro-Paddle Technology integrates a special directional tread design that efficiently and rapidly drains water to enhance deep water performance and wet handling. For superb braking and acceleration performance, there is Integral Rubber Matrix tread comprising of optimized blend high-carbon black and silica.

Best Radial Car Tires

5. Good-year Integrity Radial Tire—215/70R15 98S

It is designed to offer both effectiveness and safety. It features strong centerline rib that provides enhanced thread life and calm ride. Its high-ductile steel belts provide improved durability plus reliability. Its all-season tread compound provides great traction on either dry or wet road. It further features a classic black sidewall and low-moving resistance.

Best Radial Car Tires

4. General AltiMAX RT All-Season Tire—175/70R13 82T

It is a high value and stylish tire that ensures the ideal balance between performance and comfort. The VAI (Visual Alignment Indicators) improve this tire’s life by visually identifying any vehicle misalignment. The RTM (Replacement Tire Monitor) is a special stamp for visually indicating when tire is to be replaced when it changes from RTM to RT (Replace Tire), depending on the tread wear. AMST (Acoustic Modulations Sound Technology) helps reduce tire noise. It offers safety and confidence to the driver.

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Best Radial Car Tires

3. Michelin Primacy MXM4 Touring Radial Tire—P215/45R17 87V

There is a reason why majority premium car builders choose Michelin. The Michelin Primacy MXM4 provides ultimate confidence for drivers who desire highly responsive handling, safety and comfort in any season, even snowy and wet. Its advanced tread compound maintains flexibility even when it’s cold to allow quick braking as well as superb control on wet roads. It is also designed to ensure optimum contact with the road, evenly spreading out wear and enhancing durability. It comes with a 55,000 mile warranty.

Best Radial Car Tires

2. Dunlop Direzza DZ101 High-Performance Tire—215/50R17 91V

If you are a car enthusiast, this radial tire is designed for you. Its highly rigid shoulder blocks provide great cornering power and dry grip. Its Silicarbon Matrix enhances both dry and wet traction. Special tread pattern grooves pump out water for superb grip on wet roads. Its performance-inspired sidewall and tread design add to your car’s beauty.

Best Radial Car Tires

1. Good-year Eagle LS Radial Tire—205/55R16 89T

Enjoy all-season, quiet and smooth ride with this radial tire from GoodYear. Its four circumferential grooves evacuate water to provide awesome wet traction, while special tread block sequence enhances traction and handling, reducing tread noise. It further has a rim protector for preventing wheels from curb scrapes or damage. A premium side-wall design provides a modern look.

Best Radial Car Tires

There are, of course, other models of radial car tires on the market, but the above highlighted top 10 best radial car tires 2020 reviews stand out as the best quality models you can buy and enjoy the safety, confidence, durability, and reliability you have been looking for in tires.

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