Top 10 Best Quality eBook Readers In 2020 Reviews

It has become increasingly common to read eBooks nowadays. With an eBook reader you can store thousand of books and bring them anywhere you want. It is much easier to read and carry away than the hard book and many eBook readers comes with free ebooks.  However, choosing the wrong devices to read can be damaging to your eyes and costs you more it should. Here some the best quality eBook Readers in 2020.

10. Nextbook 8 Android

The price is this reader is quite reasonable – at only $130. It’s slim, sleek and ligh, meaning that you can easily move it around or you can just put it in a bag. What about the features?  It comes with 1GB RAM and 8GB on-board storage memory while the IPS Liquid Crystal screen technology provides vivid colors and facilitates viewing from wide angles better than any technology.  Superior Built in WiFi capability ensures you are connected all the time.

Best Quality eBook Readers

9. Dragon Touch A93 9

With its elegant look and cheap price (only $69), this ebook reader is easily one of the best products of its kind. For starter, it comes with the newly-released Android 4.4, which allows faster multitasking while the users interact has become more simple and convenient.  The dual camera design means that you can take photos as you what and share it with the world. Superior wifi will keep you connected.

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Best Quality eBook Readers

8. Kobo N647-KBU-B Wireless e-Book Reader

The price for this device starts from $60. What does it offer? Firstly, adjustable font styles and sizes makes reading fun and enjoyable and it can store up to 1000 books for a 1G memory storage. The screen is optimized for reading outdoor even under the sun light. It’s cheap but comes with reasonable features.

Best Quality eBook Readers


7. Onyx BOOX M96 Universe

This is another cool device. The special edition of Android 4.0 with Google Play means that you will have access to million of apps and ebooks online. The new Bluetooth 4.0 means that you can send file from PC to computer fast. This device also contain a variety of reading apps such as CoolReader, AlReader, FBReader and more. The price starts from $340.

Best Quality eBook Readers

6. XO Vision Ematic 7 TFT Ebook Reader

Having financial problem but looking for a good quality ebook reader? If so, this device is just perfect for you which sold at only $75. It has a built-in MP3 Players meaning that you can listen to music and read books at the same time and you might want Sync to your Mac or PC, drag and drop e-books from your computer to your reader in seconds. With built-in rechargeable battery with extended battery life, you can have a peace of mind.

Best Quality eBook Readers

5. Slick ER430 Pocket Reader eReader

This reader will cost you only $35 which is produced by Kobo.  The product dimension for this one is 8.6×5.5×2.2 inches. The weight is quite light – only 0.6 pounds and you can comfortable put it in your pocket and take it out to read wherever and whenever you want. And the memory can be expanded  up to 2G.

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Best Quality eBook Readers

4. Sony PRS300RC PRS-300RC Electronic Book Reader Rose

Owing this device means that you can store up to 350 books at a time and it also allows you access to a number of other online bookstores. It’s paper-like display means that you can enjoy reading to the max. It’s light weight and slim design means that you can carry it around with ease. The color of the device is just beautiful and perfect for girls.

Best Quality eBook Readers

3. Barnes & Noble Nook

It’s quite light and you can hold its comfortably and the price is only $59. This device has the lonegst bateery life span lasting as long as 2 months. It can hold up to 3 million book and the built-in wifi ensures that you can download online fast and easy. You can highlight passages and search for words you like to see in this device and it can even read the eBooks under the bright light.

Best Quality eBook Readers

2. Kobo Aura Digital Text Reader

This product costs $190. However, the shipping is free. It has a 4G memory and a 4G disk space and it is suitable for both epub and mobi ebooks. Kobo Auras beautiful 6 ClarityScreen and a high resolution which will make you enjoy reading a lot. The memory expansion slot for 32 Gb microSD card which means you can store as many as you want.

Best Quality eBook Readers

1. Aluratek Libre eBook Reader

This is one of the finest reader on the market right now. Its slim and portable design 7-inch Color LCD Includes 100 classic ebooks 2 GB built-in memory while the bookmark and auto page  allows for font size to be justified. What else? The built-in MP3 means that you might play the music while reading books.

Best Quality eBook Readers 

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