Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Canada

Last few day, I wrote one article about the  Top 10 Best Travel Destination In USA and got many visitors . I am really happy to see many people enjoy reading my site from day to day and it make me more power and energy to continue my work and vision about my site. I got one request and support from one of my friend that won scholarship to study in Canada, and she told me that Canada have many good places to visit . Then I decide to write one article about the top 10 best places to visit in Canada by get support from her.

With extremely amazing scenery, welcoming atmosphere, and greatly vibrant cities, Canada is doubtless a leading global tourist destination. The largest country in North America, Canada is a vast land adorned with scenic mountains, singular coastlines, scenic natural forests, breathtaking prairies, and the Arctic tundra. Whereas most nationals are of French and British descent, the country is occupied by a mosaic and multicultural society. As such, this article highlights the top ten best places to visit in Canada.

 No.1: Calgary

Best Places to Visit in Canada


Located between the Canadian prairies and the root of the Canadian Rockies, Calgary is the biggest city in Alberta, Canada. When oil was discovered in the neighborhood of Calgary in the prime 1900s, this city boomed into one of the today’s Canada’s largest metropolitan zones. In that light, it attracts millions of tourists every year, most of them coming to attend its globally famed rodeo event known as the Calgary Stampede. Many tourists visit the locality hoping to leave it soon only to find themselves pitching tent at Calgary longer than they thought.

No.2: Ottawa

Best Places to Visit in Canada

Ottawa is the Capital city of Canada and also a top sightseeing destination in Canada. This city is situated at the center of the Ottawa, Gatineau, and Rideau rivers found in southeastern Ontario. As the country’s capital, Ottawa is a financial and commercial hub, as well as the home to many of Canada’s federal establishments. The fact that the Rideau Canal runs through the heart of the metropolis makes Ottawa a popular attraction to many people who go visiting Canada. During winters, the canal rises to become the world’s most toured ice skating place. As such it is a top destination for ice-skating as well as other extreme sports.

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No.3: Whistler

Best Places to Visit in Canada

The Whistler Resort is the most famous and the largest alpine ski spot in North America, thanks to the tantalizing mountains called Whistler and Blackcomb. All-year round activities are offered in the charming villages around Whistler, brimming with irresistible tourists attractions. Fanatics of skiing as well as those practicing the sport flock to Whistler in countless droves to savor the best of their hobby.

No.4: Churchill

Best Places to Visit in Canada
Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Although a sizable town of an estimated 1,000 residents, Churchill draws mammoth hordes of tourists every year to see its most popular inhabitants who are no other than the polar

bears. For that matter, Churchill has been dubbed the “Polar Bear Capital of the world”. Churchill is located on the Hudson Bay shore in the Manitoba province. Besides polar cats, Churchill is a famous place for the viewing of beluga whales,the aurora borealis, and birds. Since polar bears are one of the rarest animals in the world, Churchill has a good reason to claim to be one of the most favored patches of the earth.

No.5: Quebec City

Best Places to Visit in Canada
Quebec City

Although Quebec city is the headquarters of the Quebec province, its French heritage, language, and architecture make it appear and sound more of exciting European village. The city’s stunning and iconic Chateau Frontenac is the most pictured hotel in North America and attracts tourists even those without overnight stay. In fact, many citizens of the United States tour Quebec often to experience the thrill of the charming surroundings. It is one of the most visited places in Canada and the world at large.

No.6: Toronto

Best Places to Visit in Canada

Toronto is the capital of Ontario. It is the most populous city in Canada and one of the largest in the country. Toronto has a large number of ethnic districts among them Chinatown, Little India, and Little Italy. It is one of the most culturally diversified cities in the world. It is arguably one of the most well known places in the world. It has globally acclaimed higher learning institutions that have topped the charts for years and a favorite for seasoned academics as well.

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No.7: Montreal

Best Places to Visit in Canada

 Montreal is the second biggest city in Canada and also the cultural and economic headquarters of the Quebec province. This city boasts the largest French-speaking society away from Paris in France. Montreal is a booming conurbation that comprises a downtown district, entertainment district, historic quarter and several unique surroundings. Due to its French orientation, the city attracts lovers of French culture, language, as well as cuisines.

 No.8: Niagara Falls

Best Places to Visit in Canada
Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls form an array of three awe-inspiring waterfalls located on the United states’ New York and Canada’s Ontario. Although known as the “Honeymoon Capital of the World,” in the recent years Niagara Falls has developed to be a favorite spot for vacationers. Those that read of the falls in their geography classes register immense thrill when they see the scenic sight for the first time. Honeymooning couples have favored this as the place to pass their maiden matrimonial days.

 No.9: Banff National Park

Best Places to Visit in Canada
Banff National Park

Banff national Park is the first and the largest in Canada and by far the most visited in the country. It is located in the province of Alberta. The park’s awesome scenery and wildlife attract many visitors annually along the Trans-Canada Highway which traverses the park.

 No.10: Vancouver

Best Places to Visit in Canada

Located between the the Pacific Ocean in British Columbia and the Coast Mountains, Vancouver City is a favorite for tourists for its colorful landscapes that offer a natural playground and give them the chance to swim in the waters while rollerblading through the surrounding scenic parks and snow-skiing in the mountains without traveling too long. Vancouver is the third biggest city in Canada and one of the best sights to visit in the country. One’s tour of Canada cannot be complete a stop-over in Vancouver.


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