Top 10 Best Love Poems for Wedding

Finding the great way to express our love to partner is not easy especially in the wedding day. Human always have emotion and romantic times so please provide our partner with the best time. We can express our love through the poem is the best way to attract our partner heart. Here is the Top 10 Best Love Poems for Wedding  :

Best Love Poems for Wedding
Best Love Poems for Wedding

 10. Rings by Carol Duffy

The poem is famous especially for weddings as it uses the techniques and skills of the poet to deliver a message concerning love and union between two individuals. In the poem, the theme of love is clear through phrases like I might have raised your hand to the sky to give you the ring surrounding the moon or looked to twin the rings of your eyes with mine’. Thus, the poem is among the top 10 best love poems for wedding

9. Nuptials by John Agard

In the poem, the poet significantly uses poetry skills to present the concept of understanding, perseverance, and self-control to explain the need to live together in love. The poet states River be their teacher, Mountain be their milestone, and Birdsong be their mantra’ to assert the importance of love and the need to sustain love all through the journey of marriage.

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8. Lovers Knot for Chloe and Malcolm by Rachael boast

In the poem, the issue concerning love and unity in the journey of marriage is at the forefront. Categorically the poet uses the boat to symbolize the outstanding nature of unity, love, and cooperation in the journey of love and marriage.

7. The Vow by Wendy Cope

According to poem, marriage begins with unity and is sustainable through employment of factors like passion and understanding. The poem asserts the essence of living together for a lifetime to underline its crucial importance in weddings.

6. Bridled Vows by Ian Duhig

In the poem, the poet presents the concept of marriage and its sacred nature. The poem states I’ll do my best to be your better half, but I don’t have the patience of a saint’ to explain the importance of love and understanding. According to the poem, perfection is not important in a marriage since no one is perfect.

5. The Vows Moment Wobbles the Sonnet by David Hart

The poet clarifies that the spouses need to understand and appreciate one another in a relationship. Moreover, the poem is substantial as it highlights the significance of values like patience, temperance, and self-control in individuals brought together by love.

4. Love Listen by Ann Gray

The concept of romance is substantial in the poem that highlights the critical nature of listening to one another in a relationship. In the poem, the poet asserts Let’s love, listen, take time. when time is all we have’. According to the poet, love can sustain itself to old age through employment of the right values.

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3. I Take by Imitiaz Dharker

This is a poem that that states the essence of commitment in marriage. It highlights the vitality of commitment between spouses and the significance of accepting one another regardless of the present imperfections.

2. The Sailors Vow by Alan Jenkins

The poet uses the symbolic nature of the sailor to explain how love is a unique driver that brings two loves together irrespective of their distances. In the poem, the writer employs poetry skills to cement commitment and its importance in relationships.

1. For a Wedding by Michael Longley

The poem uses the techniques of poems such as personification to explain how love is important. By saying ‘I give you this bouquet of saxifrage sneezewort spurge ragged robin asphodel lords-and-ladies’ the poet expresses the significance of unconditional love that spouses need to share. The concept of romance that is apparent in the poem makes it one of the top 10 best love poems for weddings.


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