Top 10 Best Korean Movies In 2014

Korean movies cannot compare to hollywood movies but it have own special that people around the world need. Most of the people who have observed them will find this Top 10 list very honest. However for you who have not still watched, and then discover which are usually the top 10 Korean movies you should buy and also watch in 2014. We confirmed you with this list depending on the variety of sales as well as likes on social media site.

1. Tazza 2

Best Korean Movies In 2014
Tazza 2

Tazza: The High Rollers Part 2 is the sequel to the previous movie with the same name. The movie revolves around gambling subject during which people try to take control of others. Apart from showing more about gambling, the movie is an eye-opener for all those innocents who would like to avoid get conned from gamblers in real life. The way in which each character has been portrayed will make an interesting thing for you to watch.

2. Nobody’s Daughter Haewon

Best Korean Movies In 2014
Nobody’s Daughter Haewon

The gripping saga of a young woman’s mother who seeks asylum in Canada has been perfectly dealt on screen with ample ease. The film has got special entry during numerous film festivals with the most notable one being Berlin International Film Festival. A young Korean movie director coming up with a mature subject is something what that surprises you to a maximum extent. Enjoy the movie with novel characters playing emotions in a perfect manner.

3. The Target

This French thriller remade to suit Korean audience will take you by surprise for sure. Perhaps, this movie has excelled in reliving up the expectations of the original, The Point Blank. The movie will make such an impact upon you that it is natural you get forced twice to check your bedroom before returning to sleep. The suspense element has been maintained in an effective fashion providing you with the ultimate options with ease.

4. No Breathing

Best Korean Movies In 2014
No Breathing

Are you a fan of thriller movies with edge of the seat entertainers? Then, this movie is just for your providing with the excellent features in an exact manner that you anticipate. Perfect filming technology will leave you surprised to the core with the inclusion of several options in an advanced manner that you prefer. Realizing the ultimate features will prove to be most effective for you in this context with ease. The screenplay displays a wonderful effect of watching upon you.

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5. The Old Boy

Maximum developments have been made regarding the Korean filming technology. If you are already a huge fan of the movies, then you will understand the difference for sure after watching the two versions of The Old Boy movie. Perhaps, the country made rapid progress in its filming technology meant to suit international audience with ease. Choosing the best movie viewing options in an extensive manner is something what you need to consider on an additional basis.

6. Koala


This movie is a fitting reply for all those who undermine Korean movies. Ever since it has been screened first at the Seoul Film Festival, there has been no looking back to it as it received rave reviews where it has been screened. Enjoying the top notch features with the brilliant execution of tasks will prove to be most effective to you in an exact manner as anticipated. Numerous options of this movie must be checked in detail for your increased viewing experience.

7. New World

New World
New World

Suspense thrillers from the Korean background are something that most of the people might not expect to be making to the top 10 list. However, this movie scores a winner in every aspect providing you with the best results in an exact manner that you anticipate. Numerous characters unwind displaying the crime world from a closer perspective providing you with the best citations in precisely the same way as you expect on an overall.

8. Man On The Edge

Thinking out of the box will let you come across interesting movie subjects for sure. This Korean movie deals with comedy in an exclusive manner leaving behind a surprising movie watching experience surely. Checking out your preferences in detail about watching the movie in an exclusive manner will prove to be most effective all the while.

9. The Attorney

The Attorney
The Attorney

Realize the scintillating events of the former president in a creative manner with which the movie leads you through. Perhaps, you get a perfect toast of the life of Roo Moo-Hyun right from his attorney days.

10. The Berlin File

Numerous moving films have been made in Korean offering a feast for your eyes. If you are a huge fan of drama genre, then this movie grips you to the core providing you with the perfect viewing experience that which you eagerly look forward to.

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