The Top 10 Best of Jackie Chan’s Movies 2016 Reviews

Jackie Chan is a well-renowned actor who has captivated many martial arts diehards with his acrobatic and scintillating skills. He started acting in 1960 and has grown to be one of the most successful actors in China. He is not only a martial artist and actor but also a film director, producer and a singer. The 60 years old Chinese star has appeared in a plethora of movies which have received numerous accolades worldwide. In this segment, we take a glimpse at some of the top 10 best of Jackie Chan’s movies 2016 reviews.

10. Police Story

Police story is one of the Jackie Chan’s movies that scintillated people in 1985. This renowned action film was written, directed and starred by the latter himself. The movie was acknowledged in Hong Kong Film Awards in 1986 as the best film in that year.

Best of Jackie Chan’s Movies

9. New Police Story

New police story is a 2004 action film which was created in Hong Kong. The movie was directed by Benny Chan and Produced by Jackie Chan. It succeeded it predecessor, Police story. Other cast members include Nicholas Tse, Charley Yeung, Charlene Choy, Daniel Woo and many more.

Best of Jackie Chan’s Movies

8. Armour of God II: Operation Condor

The Hong Kong movie was released in 1991 and is the second part of its predecessor Armour of God which was released in 1986. The film was written and directed by Jackie Chan himself. He is also the starring alongside other members who included Carol Cheng, Eva Cobo de Garcia and Shoko Ikeda.

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Best of Jackie Chan’s Movies

7. Rush Hour 2

Brett Ratner directed the action comedy movie. It made its debut in 2001 following its predecessors release in 1998. The main characters included Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Other cast members were John Lone, Alan King, and Roselyn Sanchez. The movie also grossed a total of $347, 325,802 at the box office.

Best of Jackie Chan’s Movies

6. Police Story 2

It is a sequel to the 1985, Police Story. The movie was released in 1988 and gained a lot of notoriety in the world. The crime action film was written and starred by the legend Jackie Chan. It also encompassed other stars such as Maggie Cheung and Charlie Cho.

Best of Jackie Chan’s Movies

5. Armour of God

This one is one of the first movies that made Jackie Chan to canvass fans locally and globally. The film is the predecessor of Armour of God II: Operation Condor, which was released in 1991. The action comedy film was directed by Jackie Chan, who also the principal actor. He almost passed away during the shooting of the movie when the intended tree branch broke sending him to the ground and cracking his skull. Other cast members included Alan Tam, Lola Forner, and Rosamund Kwan.

Best of Jackie Chan’s Movies

4. Police Story 3: Super Cop

The film was not directed by Jackie Chan hence making it the first among others. He was the chief actor though: the film was directed by Stanely Tong and produced by Wilie Chan alongside Edward Tang, Jackie Chan and Leonard Ho. It debuted in 1992 and included other stars namely, Michelle Yeoh and Maggie Cheung.

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Best of Jackie Chan’s Movies

3. Rush Hour

The action comedy film was released in 1998 and is the predecessor of the Rush Hour II which debuted in 2001 and Rusher Hour III in 2007. The movie features key actors, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. The duo made the film one of the funniest films of that era. Brett Ratner directed the latter and produced by Jonathan Glickman.

Best of Jackie Chan’s Movies

2. Drunken Master

It incorporates all the martial arts stunts you can ever imagine. The film was released in 1978 in Hong Kong with Yuen Woo-Ping as the director. The cast members included Jackie Chan, Yuen Siu-Tien, and Hwang Jang Lee. It also entails the elements of comedy which earned Jackie more fame.

Best of Jackie Chan’s Movies

1. The Drunken Master II

The film is a successor to the 1978 drunken master and predecessor to Drunken Master III, 1994. The Kung Fu film was directed by Lau Kar-Leung and Jackie Chan. It starred Wong Fei-Hung, Ti Lung, Anita Mui, Ken Lo and many more. The movie incorporates the traditional martial arts. A real source of enjoyment.

Best of Jackie Chan’s Movies

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