Top 10 Best Football clubs in 2014

Football is the greatest and most popular sport in the world. There are many people around the world that play football and USA call “Soccer”. Football is not only famous in Europe but also in Asia and Africa. Most African football players play in famous league in Europe. It is for this reason that the world cup is such a global phenomenon, attracting viewers in the hundreds of millions every four years.

Do you know   Top 10 Best Football clubs in 2014 ? team would like to introduce top 10 best teams in this 2014 base on UEFA  ranking and fan around the world especially the numbers of famous players that can earn millions dollars every years. Here are  Top 10 Best Football clubs in 2014 :

1. Barcelona

Barcelona  lose the position of giant among world football clubs; that being said these few setbacks have done little to diminish the club’s place as a home for near miraculous football stars, Barcelona mesmerizing fans and enemies alike with its football for several decades. We all believe and love Barcelona and trust that it always the best teams ever.

Best Football clubs in 2014


2. Real Madrid

Situated in the Spanish city of Madrid, Real Madrid enjoys the status of one of the riches clubs in the world, generating income in the droves, this economic superiority matched by its horde of fans. Real Madrid has played host to the greatest coaches and managers in the world.

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Best Football clubs in 2014

3. Manchester United

Manchester United has been in existence since 1878; it is unequivocally the most famous and popular club in the world; raising numerous young footballers into well known soccer stars that would go on to traverse the world, even those enemies and critics of Alex Ferguson’s former side can do little more than bow to the aura of strength Manchester United enjoys, dominating European football for many a decade.

Manchester City

4. Bayern Munich

Founded in the Germany city of Munich, Bayern enjoys the love and support of fans in nations millions of miles away and who have never walked upon German soil. Once struggling under the shadow of better known European clubs, Bayern Munich now stands as the second best club of the last five years, with regards to recent victories.

Bayern Munich

5. Juventus

Juventus boasts several dozen titles won nationally and internationally, and stands as Italy’s most successful club. Enjoying season long victories and producing numerous super stars, Juventus is a force to be reckoned with.


6. Chelsea

Chelsea have nice background in the world. Many football fans know Chelsea clearly in the past but now Chelsea has struggled over the years to maintain its success; yet when it has acquired success, it has only built upon this base, contending with giants like Bayern Munich to reign supreme as the best club in the world in many a year. Founded in 1905, even those quick to criticize its football cannot deny its litany of trophies.


7. Manchester City

We decide to add Manchester City to the list because of its player and fans. Once dismissed as Manchester United’s noisy neighbor, Manchester City won its first title after forty four years and ever since then it has only built upon this momentum, rising to the very top of all major international tables and spending millions to acquire the best players in the world.

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Manchester City

8.  Liverpool

Liverpool F.C. was founded after an internal dispute within Everton F.C. The dispute was between the Everton F.C. committee and brewer John Houlding, the landholder of the Anfield ground and president of Everton F.C. We add Liverpool to the list because this team won 5 UEFA Champion leagues and more local trophies. There are many best players in this team and it also have millions of fans around the world.


9.  Athletic Madrid

The club was founded on 26 April 1903 as Athletic Club de Madrid by three Basque students living in Madrid. Atlético, is a Spanish professional football club based in Madrid that plays in La Liga, where they are the current champions. During their history, the club has been known by a number of nicknames, including Los Colchoneros (“The Mattress Makers” in English), due to their first team stripes being the same colours as old-fashioned mattresses.

10. Borussia Dortmund

This team found in Germany and it represent Germany to the world. While fairly unknown within the era of Italian supremacy in world football, this German Team has come a long way, achieving success under numerous managers to earn a spot atop the list of many a football fanatic.


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