Top 10 Best Driving Schools in Los Angeles

It is really a challenging task to be able to learn how to drive. And although you can go to just any driving school in Los Angeles, there are those which are known to be the best when it comes to offering the best driving experience and skills. However, another challenging part normally comes when you have to choose one.

 Remember that if you don’t drive smart and safe, your chances of being involved in a collision increases. As if that is not enough, you also increase the chances of losing your driving license. And, for that reason, this article brings you the top 10 best driving schools in Los Angeles. they are options which you can use to get the best driving school in LA, with good and reasonable prices. Read on!

  1. Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy

Top 10 Best Driving Schools in Los Angeles
Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy

What else can you expect from the firm that designs one of the best automobile in the world? Mercedes-Benz driving academy is the best driving school in LA, and Orange County at large. The institution offers high quality training and education that often meet the expectations of their trainees. Besides being licensed to offer driver education programs in Los Angeles and its environs, they also offer advanced education and training to anyone (including teenagers) who wants to improve his/her skills behind the wheel. They not only help their students get their license and permit, but also help them learn key decision making skills behind the wheel.

2. Ford Driving School

Ford Driving School
Ford Driving School

Ford Driving School has certified and qualified trainers who are equipped with a wealth of experience to give you the tips and support you need to succeed for a long life of safe driving. The school’s mission is to offer the best, most effective drivers training course you will ever experience. Driving with the school will surely provide you with some good insider info, road rules, tips and education that would help you have more driving insight to be able to pass your driving test.

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3. Dollar Driving School

Since it was founded in 1980, Dollar Driving School has grown to be one of the largest driving schools in the San Fernando Valley. They have continuously evolved, focusing more on being an even more a quality leader. The school believes that driving lessons, besides education, have the added ingredient of equipping the next generation(s) with the necessary skills and knowledge of how to navigate through the world, including the important safety elements which will give them the best chance of avoiding unnecessary accidents.

4. Melrose Driving School

Melrose Driving School is one of the most complete driving institutions in LA. Since its establishment in1987, Melrose has had a reputation for excellence in Driver’s Training and Education. They have modern hybrid cars and wonderful and friendly instructors. The facility at Melrose is equipped with the latest and ecofriendly Toyota Prius cars which have automatic transmissions, reverse camera, dual braking systems, and two accelerators for the learners’ safety. It is these cars that they use to conduct the Driver’s Training courses.

5. A1 Driving & Traffic School

Los Angeles’ A1 Driving & Traffic School is one of the premier driver’s training school in LA. A1 Driving & Traffic School has a solid reputation for quality drivers training in LA and its environs. From their friendly instruction staff to a history of excellence and success with all types of drivers in training, the school is considered as one of the best places to learn how to drive.

6. Behind The Wheel Driving School

The mission of Behind The Wheel Driving School is to offer exceptional driving instruction at a reasonable price. For years, the school has imparted safe driving skills to beginners, and helped experienced drivers sharpen their skills as well. And so, they have helped their students achieve their ultimate goal of being confident and safe while on the road. They teach defensive driving, traffic laws and the driver’s responsibility according to the department of motor vehicles and the state of California.

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7. Royal Driving School

Royal Driving School, LA offers a relaxed learning environment which encourages student participation. Their driving instructions are simple, outstanding and make it easier to master the basics. Their driving instruction staff are very helpful, friendly and teaches you all information required to receive your California driver’s license.

8. Beverly Driving School

Beverly driving school has one of the most experienced, dedicated male and female instructors who’ll give you proper training for a fantastic freedom of driving. The lessons comprise rules of the road and how you can keep your car safe. The school is DMV-Certified and offers driving instruction to all age group including teenagers, adults, and seniors. They help teenagers obtain their licenses. They also offer further training to experienced drivers who are looking to polish their driving skills.

9. Lincoln Park Driving & Traffic School

You know how treacherous today’s driving challenges and roadways can be. But, at Lincoln Park Driving & Traffic School you’ll be able to build a foundation on solid and safe driving techniques. They have an extensive curriculum, which is very detailed and entertainment. Their highly experienced staff also helps students gain the vital skills and knowledge they will need to reach every destination safely.

10. Tang’s Driving School

Tang’s Driving School has amazing instructors who are very patient and helpful. As if that’s not enough, they are also courteous and offer the best experience behind the wheel. The institution is one of the few with the best prices in town. And again, its location, practically in the middle of the town, makes it very convenient and ideal learning conditions.

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