Top 10 Best Credit Repair Companies

You can clean up the damage to your credit all by yourself or you can get assistance from an accredited credit repair expert. If you want to use the services of an expert always go for the better and this is a list containing Top 10 Best Credit Repair Companies out there.

It’s the one of the best credit repair companies that will treat you like a second-class citizen just because of your poor credit history. They will process your credit in just a short period of time and get back to through a call. Many of my friends have found the people at to be really empathetic and helpful. I would recommend to anyone – and I always do.

2. Lexington Law

Many of my friends have used Lexington Law to repair their credit. Personally, Lexington helped me raise my credit score by more than 250 points. It also raised the score of one of my friends by 70 points in just two months. This gave him the credit he needed to refinance his house to consolidate my debt and have more options to support his growing family. If you’re looking for Credit Repair, worry no more, Lexington will take you through.

3. Ovation Credit

This is one of the best credit repair companies. Company has gained traction and trust from many clients as it focuses on your account and getting the needed results. Ovation credit will not rush; instead they carefully take action to clean up your credit reports. I recommend this company for any of your credit repair needs. So far, they have been doing a great service and continue to offer excellent customer care.

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4. National Credit Fixers

The National Credit Fixers are a credit repair company that has been in business for many years. They’re always available to respond to any questions you have regarding your credit report. The staff is kind and hardworking in the sense that they take out time to also explain other things regarding your credit that you may not understand. I would recommend this company to anyone anytime.

National Credit Fixers

5. is one of the credit repair companies that have been in operation for a long time. Unlike many companies that fail to celebrate their first birthday, has celebrated more than fifteen and still counting. There are several reasons that make to stand out. These include best results and price. If you read feedbacks about, they did sound appealing, and their price is very affordable.

6. Sky Blue credit Repair Services

I would easily recommend Sky Blue Credit to anyone, as it’s one of the more seasoned credit repair companies, and has been in operation since the late 1980s. Initially, it only served the south-east region, but today Sky Blue now offers its widely acclaimed credit repair program across the country. Sky Blue Credit is completely dedicated to offering the optimal result for all customers. The company utilizes an impressive range of tools gathered for nearly three decades of operation.

7. Veracity Credit Repair

Veracity Credit Repair is really working hard for many people. They have helped many to become so informed about my credit repair. The staff is so informed and very kind. They don’t promise overnight results, but will always work hard to improve your credit score. Even if it takes a while, with Veracity Credit Repair, you feel so confident that your credit situation will eventually improve.

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8. 180 Credit Solutions

180 Credit Solutions are undoubtedly one of the best credit repair companies across the country. It has literally saved people thousands. If you’re refinancing and your credit score is down and you need to have additional points, 180 Credit Solutions is the company to visit. They will clean up the damage on your credit and eventually increase your score. In other words, they deliver what they promise you.

9. Trinity Credit Services

Trinity Credit Services is one of the few credit repair companies that’s bonded and registered with the Secretary of State. It’s hard always had to give any company your personal information, particularly if its legitimacy is not known. At least with Trinity Credit Services, you’re 100% assured of the safety of your information and documents. They have proof of their legitimacy and real credentials posted on their main website.

10. My Credit Group

My Credit Group is a legit company. It’s not like other established companies that leave all the work for you and just send out some generic dispute notes. This company has a custom plan set up for each customer who needs their services. One great thing with them is that, in just two months, your credit score will increase threefold. They get my vote.
I would recommend without hesitation recommend any of these Top 10 Best Credit Repair Companies to anyone at anytime. Their reputation is bankable and you will always get value for your money.

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  1. This list happens to be a little off. I’ve worked with Pyramid Credit Repair before and a couple others that have done an enormously great job for me that don’t show up on this list.

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