Top 10 All-Time Best Minecraft Songs

Minecraft is the ultimate creativity game. You have a whole world to create, challenges to undertake and wild mobs to avoid and fight. At every turn there is something that calls for new thinking and strategy. This creativity and the ability of the game to be played in multiplayer serves and single player mode in different worlds has taken a new form; the creation of animated Minecraft songs. From parodies of movies and songs, to use of original songs, Minecraft songs are a new way for the Minecraft community to interact share their creativity. This is some form of challenge too, creating a new story based on the nature of characters and environment in Minecraft.
With so many enthusiasts making their versions of Minecraft songs each year, picking the best all time was a challenge so this list focuses on songs with over fifteen million views. The ranking is based on the creativity of the plot and the song delivery as well as animation quality. Basically a good song should have a story that can be played as a scene in a game. Both parodies and original songs and videos are considered. So here is the list from the first, to the tenth best all time Minecraft songs.

1. Fallen Kingdom


Fallen Kingdom
Fallen Kingdom

Fallen kingdom is a parody of Coldplay’s famous song Viva la Vida done by CaptainSparklez. In terms of creativity both in the lyrics, plot and animation, this is the best. It has a sad story too about a kingdom’s destruction by the wild mobs in Minecraft. It also has a good amount of suspense at the end. The lyrics have to be the best in all the songs and you feel they did the original song justice.

2. Take Back The Night


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Take Back The Night
Take Back The Night

This song is the sequel to Fallen Kingdom and it is another CaptainSparklez song. It has the best action sequences in all the songs on this list. A young prince comes back to exact revenge on the wild mobs. It has a good ending and great lyrics. The fact that it is an original song makes it even remarkable and the video is even better. 

3. Hunger Games song

This is a parody of the song Decisions’ by Borgore and a remake of the Hunger game scenes on the battle field. The modern element to Minecraft is great and the songs bravado lyrics are complemented by a great video and visuals. The song is the work of The Bajan Canadian.

4. Revenge.

This is a creation by CaptainSparklez who has quite a reputation in the Minecraft animated songs circles. It is a parody of Usher’s Dj Got Us Falin’ In Love song. Well with over 132 million views and over a million likes, it is easily the most popular Minecraft song out there. The great thing about this song and accompanying animation is the simple plot and the way the creator uses a narration form. It also embraces Minecraft’s basic duty, mining. Good vocals too and an average animation.

5. Like an Enderman


Top 10 All-Time Best Minecraft Songs
Like an Enderman

It is the parody of the most viewed Youtube video, Psy’s Gangnam Style and it is a great one too. Breaking away from the norm, the song celebrates the villain. The Enderman makes up one of Minecraft’s notorious mobs and the video and lyrics are simple and great fun too. It is the work of ThnxCya-Minecraft Done Fun.

6. New World

This song is another parody of one of Coldplay’s big hits Paradise’ and is the work of Sky Does Minecraft. While the vocals are better than average, the song will have you in stiches and a bit annoyed but it will be fun if you understand the Minecraft world. The video has an Alice in Wonderland concept and is the one video that brings out the whole world and element in  Minecraft. 

7. TNT

Another CaptainSparklez song and this time it is a parody of Taio Cruz’s Dynamite. The lyrics are memorably cool and this time, killing and surviving is just a by the way. The video is great too with the hero assuming an air of invincibility.

8. Mineshaft

Mineshaft Minecraft Songs

For lyrics alone and audio delivery it is among the best songs. It is a parody of Maroon 5’s Payphone’. It is a love gone sour plot thought the ending could be better. It is the work of Mineworks Animations song.

9. Supernatural Mobs

Another Minecraft song celebrating the villains. Supernatural mobs has simple plot, it is the mobs world and they control it hunting down any new comer. The song is a parody of Kate Perry’s California Girls and has great vocals and a bravado feel to it. It is the work of TheAtlanticCraft.

10. Cube Land

The final song in the top ten is an original by Laura Shigihara. The animation video is done by Slamacow. The vocals are awesome and for those who love the old aspects of Minecraft, this song brings back those memories and experiences.

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