The Top ten Highest Paying Jobs in USA

The USA has several well paid professionals. The list of careers that pay well is long and diverse. However what they all have in common is that time is used to qualify in order to gain entry into the big league of earners. Meanwhile do not forget to read about Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

10. Industrial Psychologists

Highest Paying Jobs in USA
Industrial Psychologists

They term psychologist in this context is misleading. They work with marketing, human resources and management department to test employees and hire them, draft and implement policies for training as well as development. The industrial organization psychologist earns on average $ 124,160 p.a.and train for 8 years with many required to have doctorate degrees. Those who work with technical consulting, scientific consulting services and management consulting industries earn $163,080 p.a.

9. Computer and IT Managers

They train for four years on average requiring a minimum of an undergraduate degree in this specialty, have to work for several years to get to this position and earn $125,660 p.a. They are vital to any company and are responsible for implementing IT strategies. They get the best remuneration when they work in security exchange and motion picture industries where they can earn up to $156,180p.a. and $162,520 p.a. respectively.

8. Marketing Managers

This is profession that is useful in any industry and involves being in the public eye of the company. It requires an undergraduate degree with some years of work and a portfolio showcasing a superb client base to get to this spot. The best paid ones work in financial investment earning$ 169,770, the next are those in gas, apparel and oil industries who earn $168,590 and $163,310 p.a. the mean average is $126,190.

7. Natural Science Managers

They supervise scientist in physics, biology and chemistry and perform both laboratory duties and office work. The highly paid ones are those in the aerospace and insurance industries, while those in educational institutes and state government earn less. They train for four years to get an undergraduate degree in science and work in the laboratories for a few years before they can take on this position. On average they earn $128,230 p.a.

Highest Paying Jobs in USA

6. Architectural and Engineering Managers

It requires a minimum of an undergraduate degree and some work experience to get to this position. The average salary is $ 129,350. The best paid are those who work in oil and gas sector and those involved in transportation of oil through pipes earn $186,800 p.a. and those in the extraction of gas and oil earn $ 167,060. Those who work in California, Alaska or Texas are the highest paid.

5. Lawyers

This career path is a long one involving four years of undergraduate study, three years at school of law and passing of the bar exam. They need to think quickly, speak eloquently in front of people to become successful. The average annual salary is $ 130,490. They also earn their income based on hourly charges.

Highest Paying Jobs in USA

4. Petroleum Engineers

They need to have undergraduate degrees in petroleum engineering and work experience working in coops. They earn $138,980 p.a. most are found in the State of Texas where they work in gas and oil extraction and are the best paid.

3. Chief Executive Officers

It is the only job in this category that does not require several years of schooling. On average it requires 6 years of training with both an undergraduate degree and MBA but work experience is more important. The average salary is $ 176,550 p.a. The best paid CEO works in the film industry and is paid $ 234,770. They also earn fabulous bonuses for successful years for the company.

2. Dentists and Orthodontists

Orthodontists earn on average $204,670 while dentists take home $ 161,750. The number of orthodontists is much fewer than that of dentists. Dentists require 8 years of training and have to bass both hands on and written exams. 

1. Doctors and Surgeons

Doctors and Surgeons in discussion

Doctors and Surgeons in discussion

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They take on average 11 years to train requiring an undergraduate degree, medical school degree and three to eight years in resident work. They earn $ 234,950. Anesthesiologists earn the most with an average of $234,950 with surgeons earning $231,550, obstetricians and gynecologist earning $ 218,610 and GPs earning $ 177,330.

The top earning careers all require specialized training with undergraduate study being a basic qualification and some years of work experience to get to the top echelon. the time invested in study is crucial for entry to the basic level and some diligent service in the industry of choice. The scientific field seems to offer the greatest number of opportunities to earn big bucks. One of the jobs however does not require academic qualifications as much as work experience and throws in bonuses that make the salaries look like pocket change.

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