Ten Words Lack Confidence People Always Use

Do you know when you speak some words; people can consider you as lack confidence people. To gain confidence on ourselves is not easy but we can learn and avoid some mistakes so we can reduce it. There are many ways to get confidence on ourselves but today I would like to introduce some impression that we should avoid using and you can use it to check your confidence. There are ten words that we can describe you as short on confidence so please avoid these worlds.

Words Lack Confidence People Always Use
Confidence People

10. Likely

Likely is one of the impressions that you should avoid because when we use it, it shows that you are not really sure about the topic, and you don’t have all the facts yet. It also makes our listener or customer cannot believe you and it will make them disagree with your idea or business proposal.
When we check in dictionary, this world means higher probability of happening, positively or negatively so it can consider as not 100% sure or trusted. To be clear with your idea or expression about what you want so please do not use it with your client.

9. Quandary

Quandary means you are in a total state of perplexity so you are really perplexed. It also means you know the consequences of the choice but you are uncertain on its impacts that it will effect. So before you express it you should study it clearly and avoid using the world “quandary” to your client.

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8. Need

Another lack confidence words is “need”. We should use the word more directly than the world needs. People always use the world need when they want to express what they want like I need job or girlfriend. Need acts like a stalling tactic and show you are lack of something. It’s also a dream stopper. To get success you should setting up your goal and do it with planning.

7. Confused

Confused is another popular worlds that lack confidence people always use. This world also means you do not understand something or topic. This world always uses to avoid blamed about your mistake but it also reflect about yourself and work. To avoid confuse, you need a clear understanding what you are doing.

6. Might

Might is simple world to shows you a lack of intention and direction. It also means you are not ready or not manage your time well so you cannot decide yet. When you say it, you clients or partner also can say it then you will not success.
5. Won’t
The fifth lack confidence word is won’t and this word mean will not. We say it when we refuse to do something like not attend meeting or accept invitation or reject it. To show other people you are really willing to do something, you should not use the world won’t.

4. Usually

Usually is another world to mean you are accepts thing as they are. It also reflects about your habit or laziness. Things are just that way, end of story. It’s a word that closes the door to finding newer, better ways of doing things. If you say the accounting department “usually” doesn’t approve your expense report or the boss is “usually” late to work, it means you’re stretching the truth.

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3. Suspect

The third word that can described as lack confidence word is “Suspect”. Suspect brings a shadow of suspicion on another person’s motive and sows intrigue and fear in others. You should avoid it and you find the support about your idea with facts.

2. Impossible

The most common mistake word or impression is “Impossible”. It means won’t approve and lock the door to new success. The danger of impossible is in the passion you use when you say the word, often with a raised voice and a strong hand gesture. When you use world “impossible”, you client will lose confidence in you quickly.

1. Worried

The last lack confidence word is “worried”. It shows that you are not confident and trust on yourself. When people are worry, they always have bad imagine or vision then it really difficult to make them go forward with confident. Everyone always worry about the stresses of life and we cannot not tell people stop worry but we can reduce it.

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