Ten Reasons to Choose a Short Girlfriend

Why should you choose a short girl to be your girlfriend? Some men cannot answer this question easily. Even though different people have different tastes when it comes to selection of girlfriends, it should always be remembered that going for short girls comes with a lot of rewards. Short girls are not generally attractive and pretty, there are other aspects and attributes that such girls have in common. The following are the top ten reasons why you should choose a shorter lady if you are looking for a girlfriend:

Ten reasons to choose a short girlfriend
short girlfriend

10. Short girls are more feminine

Believe it or not, short women appear more feminine than their taller counterparts. They are said to have more estrogen in their bodies which enables them to look more feminine. However, guys should not generalize this to mean tall women are less feminine. The issue here is that most almost all women have feminine looks. Their sensitivity attracts men easily.


9. You can carry her around like a trophy 

Consider a situation where you have been invited for a party or a celebration. How does it feel if you are unable to carry your own lady with ease? A short girl is petite and cute. She is like your arm meaning you can easily carry her around. While carrying her, you will also notice that it is easy. Now! Suppose you have a tall girl? Carrying her won’t be that easy especially if you are a short guy.

8. They feel more secure when they are in relationships 

Everybody desires a lasting relationship i.e. a relationship that has a future. Short girls give more security to men. They make men feel dominating in the relationship which will in turn enable them to eliminate the worries of having to lose their girls. Men are known to be insecure in nature and one way to manage that is by dating a shorter girl.

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7. They look more proportionate

Short girls are always well endowed – a feature which makes them attract men. On the other hand, tall women look disproportionate even if they have feminine bodies. Disproportion in short girls cannot be noticed easily and that is why all short girls are generally attractive. That is why they are always favored by men.

6. They are outgoing and easy to pick 

One amazing thing about short women is that you can pick them up with ease and take them wherever you want without \any discomfort. On the other hand, men may find it difficult to walk around with tall girls. Short girls are like little lovely dolls and therefore, they can fit anywhere. They ability to fit anywhere makes them more adorable and lovely.

5. Having sex with short girls is more enjoyable

Some researchers have revealed that men find it pleasurable to have sex with women who are shorter than them. Don’t also forget that experimenting with them is also possible since they carry less weight.

4. Short girls do not know how wonderful they are 

Tall girls are aware of their shortcomings and they will always know their options. On the contrary, most short girls are unaware of their beauty because they are always preoccupied with their height. Their innocence and humility makes them very attractive. They always worry about their height and in the long run they fail to realize the beauty in them.

3. A short girl will not make you feel inferior 

It has always been argued that men feel inferior to tall women. This is because tall women are always confident which makes them more arrogant than shorter women. Since most men have immense ego, they will hardly come to terms with the tall women. Short girls will enable men to protect their ego.

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2. Hugging them is very nice

There is no denying the fact that hugging shorter girls feels nice. A woman whose head stops right below your chin is ideal. She will make you enjoy every bit of your time when you are hugging her. You will also feel confident when hugging in front of friends and members of public.

1. A short girl will always look like she needs protection from you

Every loving man will always protect his woman. A short girl will give you every reason to protect her. This will make you desire her always. Her height makes her look vulnerable and that will attract you more.


There you have it! Short girls should always be your number one choice. It will enable you to enjoy the above aspects among others. She will make you more powerful in the relationship. Isn’t that what does matter in your relationship?

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