Top 5 Best Portable Electric Stoves In 2020

If you’re in the market looking for a portable stove, you probably need for office space, your studio, a dorm room, hotels, and camping or simply to cook in a no-fire zone. In this blog post, we will be reviewing some of the top portable electric stoves.

Since one stove can’t be universally effective for every consumer’s utility, we’re going to go product by product to filter out each one’s usage and efficiency. You can then narrow down your choice according to your individual needs.

What you need to focus on while buying a portable electric stove is its energy usage, plate type, optimum heat level, durability, and price. It is essential to know where you’re going to be using this appliance, the prominent budget, how much space should it take, how often are you going to use it and what kind of utensils you would need to make the best possible use out of it. Let us browse through some of the best portable electric stoves in the market and make your shopping easy and informed.

1. Ovente Countertop Infrared Burner with Ceramic Double Plate

Top 5 Best Portable Electric Stoves

This state of the art countertop by Ovente burns you by its looks. The favorites of those who hate microwave meals. This electric stove comes to your rescue. It’s temperature control settings help you keep your meals on the gas in check. 1500 watts of power is divided equally on both plates.

The plates, as sleek as they look, come with non-slip feet to avoid any unnecessary mishaps in the kitchen. The plates heat evenly, so there are any cold or hot spots. You can very easily take this electric stove countertop in and out of the kitchen. How about some cooking sessions in the yard now? Its components are brushed stainless steel.

All sorts of cooking utensils work with this one, unlike many countertops. But the best combination would be flat-bottomed cooking pots. It also comes with a yearlong limited warranty.

What’s good about this product?

  • It looks stylish and sleek, even for entertaining guests on a backyard cook session day.
  • The crystallite ceramic plates are squeaky easy to clean.
  • It is conveniently portable.

What’s not good about this product?

  • It might take up a while before heating up to its full capacity.

Our Verdict

If you’re in the market looking for a compact yet double burner countertop, this particular one is a great option.

2. Ovente Countertop Infrared Burner with Ceramic Glass Single Plate

Top 5 Best Portable Electric Stoves

The features mimic the countertop mentioned above, but this one’s a single plate infrared stove. The Ovente countertops are a boon to those who are fed up with cooking in the oven or microwave. It has about 1000 watts of heat spreading evenly on the plate leaving out any part of the plate cold when you amp it up to its maximum capacity. You can control the temperature with the settings available on the stove.

You will not find a better combination than a 7-inch bottom cook pot for this ceramic plate. Ideal for traveling, camping or no-fire zones, this countertop is light in weight and portable. Its stylish looks make it a great gift, even for college students.

What’s good about this product?

  • All it takes is a swipe from a damp cloth to clean it up.
  • It is compact and weighs only 3lbz.
  • It isn’t overly priced. Yay!

What’s not good about this product?

  • The heating, although concentrated on a single plate, may take time.

Our Verdict

It’s compact size and portability is a winning feature in this countertop. It is ideal for cramped spaces and low utility.

3. IMUSA USA (GAU-80305) Portable Electric Stove

Top 5 Best Portable Electric Stoves

This compact coil cooktop is an electric stove top, but its coil design is distinctive from its counterparts. Just plug it in anywhere, and it becomes usable in an office area, small space, a dorm or even outdoors. Somehow, most cooks prefer a coil cooktop more than flat induction or infrared ceramic glass tops. It is probably because coil cooktops eliminate any prohibition of unusual cooking utensils.

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Cleaning it is a two-step process. You have to lift the burner and then wipe the plate underneath. Controlling its heat level is easy with the given settings. It may take a while to comprehend the best temperature on this cooktop for your regular dishes, but in a week’s time, you shall get the hang of it.

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What’s good about this product?

  • It heats up fast which is unusual with plugged in stovetops.
  • It is a great deal for the price it offers.

 What’s not good about this product?

It may not take up a lot of weight or larger pans and pots due to its lightweight capacity and compact size.

Our Verdict

If you’re one for lightweight and mobile coiled stovetops, this single burner wonder is one you should consider.

4. Cuisinart (CB-30) Electric Stove (Portable)

Top 5 Best Portable Electric Stoves

This heavy duty countertop is probably what we’ve been waiting a while for. The flat cast iron heavy duty stove top is the appropriate choice for when one wishes to cook for a crowd. Compared to its lightweight and compact counterparts, the Cuisinart CB-300 is heavier and can cook on heavier and larger utensils.

It is coil-less, meaning its flat cooking plate is easier to clean and heats up evenly. Weighing up to 6.7 pounds, it is not your ideal portable countertops, but it is the right choice for a tiny space, college room or no-fire zones. You can set the requisite temperature on the number dial given on a scale of one to five, five being the highest temperature. If and when you spill on the hot plate, it will not leak into the device.

What’s good about this product?

  • It has an “On and Ready” indication light in place to display that it is ready for use.
  • It retains a particular heat temperature for the entire cooking time unlike many of its countertops.
  • It takes up bigger cooking ware and cooks larger meals.

What’s not good about this product?

  • It is heavier than most of its counterparts at 6.7 pounds.

Our Verdict

If you’re one looking for a heavy-duty, iron-cast plate burner for larger and recurring cooking sessions, this might be the one for you.

5. DUXTOP (1800W) Portable and Durable Electric Stoves with Double Plate

Top 5 Best Portable Electric Stoves

This burner cooktop is one from a chef’s dreams. This double plate stovetop comes with one half as a 1300 watt plate and another with 500W for boiling and simmering. The 1300 watt cast durable iron plate is obviously for the larger and longer cook sessions. The adjustable thermostats for both plates are separate. They also come with a heat level indicating light.

The rest of the appliance does not heat up during its use. Like all other countertops on the market now, manufacturers aim to make cleaning an easy aspect, and the same is the case with the DUXTOP 1800W. It does not take up a lot of space on your platform. At the same time, it is big enough to fit your large pots and pans. It comes with a yearlong limited warranty.

What’s good about this product?

  • The cast iron plate heats up well and stays hot until turned off.
  • Relatively easy to clean given the utility of this countertop.
  • It has side handles making it easy for portability. You can pick it up by the handle and place it anywhere with ease.

What’s not good about this product?

  • It may not last for longer periods. For instance, if used daily it may not last for 8 to 10 months.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for an efficient double burner stove top in the market, this might be the perfect one.

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What are the different kinds of cooktops available in the market? Which one should you choose?

Choosing the perfect electric stove is not an easy deal since you don’t really know much about its utility and how well it can serve you. But we’re here to help you and enlighten you about the many varieties available in the market and how their features are helpful to you. We understand that remodeling a kitchen includes a lot of decisions including the choice between gas, induction or electric.

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The main difference between these three is the heat levels and heat retention. While with gas cooktops, it is a no-nonsense business. It emits instant heat, and you can regularize it with a nob whereas, with electric cooktops, it takes longer than their gas counterparts to heat up.

Its maintenance is a cheaper job though. They give you less heat control than gas, for sure. Induction cooktops, on the other hand, are much more efficient than electric and safer to use. The surface does not heat up till there is a pan placed on it. It works like a heater with magnetic fields penetrating heat inside the utensils.

One who cooks, also knows that the cleaning aspect of a cooktop is equally essential to a purchase. A gas cooktop even with its regulated high heat is a loser when it comes to cleaning in front of its induction counterparts. All it takes is one swipe of damp cloth on its surface to make the induction stovetop squeaky clean.

However, it is important to take in consideration where you want to use and for what purposes. For instance, a few spaces have strict prohibitions and exceptions when it comes to cooking appliances or ‘hot plates.’ Some portable stove tops also come with an automatic shutdown feature after usage, which is a standard feature in a few hotels and dorms keeping in mind a safety compliant rule.

If you’re looking for a stovetop to cook large meals every day and don’t’ have a lot of time on your hands, you should opt for gas cooktops. However, if you do have time on your hands and your utensils are induction/electric friendly, you may want to venture into electric or induction stovetops. Some rented spaces or hostels opt for these options due to their lower initial and repair costs.

This also includes the number of plates you’d need. You may get one, two or four plates on the cooktop based on the quantity and course of meals you will cook in one session. A four plate stovetop might not be easily available and costs more than your regular single stove top. It isn’t portable either.

Does the overall installation of a new countertop fit my budget?

Keep in mind that induction stovetops bar you from using certain utensils. Utensil compatibility with your cooktop is essential. Gas stovetops have no limitations to any kinds of pots and pans, and they prove to be heavy duty too. Same is not the case with our stylish induction countertops.

It may scratch or damage or may not work efficiently with induction coils. Thereby, you must check your budget if you don’t already have appropriate cookware before making a purchase. If you opt to go for a gas cooktop, then find out if there is already a gas line running in your building. If not, how much will it cost and if it can fit in your budget? The same goes for installation of a new electric stovetop.

Final Verdict

Based on the portable electric stoves product reviews mentioned above, the optimal choice for us would be the DUXTOP (1800W) Portable Electric Stove. Appropriate fits the need to cook for a large table or an intimate dinner; this countertop gives you the best of both worlds. My favorite feature is that it gives you a bang out of the bucks you spend. Inexpensive and leaves out a lot of space on my counter despite being a double plate burner, what more do I need? Moreover, it is portable. My stylish new cooktop waits to show off on our next backyard cook-off.

Out of the listed products, do let us know which is your optimal choice and why. Remember, that it is always better to have a hot meal compared to cold packed one. A great stove top gives you cooking flexibility and what more would one want out of a portable electric stovetop.

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