Top 5 Best Portable Clothes Closets in 2020

To keep the clothes neat and organized is very important. A clothes closet provides you enough space to keep the clothes safely. With the increased number of choices, you can get cautious about choosing the right clothes closet.

Portable clothes closet an important storage solution and simple, lightweight to carry anywhere you go. The clothes that you use on a regular basis has to be stored in one place where accessible easily. They are a compliment to the old traditional type of storage.

Over the years, many different clothes closet organizer came. They have evolved into everybody’s system in keeping the home life orderly. You can hang clothes, shoes, stack the hats and fold the clothes without any worry. Some of the closets come in a garment made while they are robust with advanced features.

Top 5 Portable Clothes Closets in 2020: Complete Product Reviews!

By your need, there are various closets available in the market to choose from. You may consider the price, size, and material to choose ideal clothe closet.  These essential factors and features must be kept in mind.

Here we help you with your selection process by reviews of the best portable clothes closets available in the market now. Read it carefully and buy the best that suit your needs.

1. Kousi Portable Closet Clothes Wardrobe Bedroom Armoire Storage Organizer

Top 5 Best Portable Clothes Closets

Each cube of Kousi clothes closet wardrobe supports maximum 22lbs of clothes in it. The closet is made of resin composite high-quality materials on steel tubes. The weight bearing panels are there that provides complete hanging space in the closet. The closet looks sophisticated, and its texture is such gracefully to fit any house easily. It measures 73” x 19 x 73 making it suitable for apartments, dorms, garages and walk-in closets.

A tool-free assembly is needed in lesser time using the detailed manual installation. You can check the video also from KOUSI. There are 72 connectors, 100 panels and five hanging rails to make a single portable closet wardrobe or storage unit that you prefer.

The wardrobe is dust resistant to keep your clothes dirt free, and its water-proof panels can be cleaned easily. The doors come with hole handles to keep air flowing and prevent building up a bad odor.  The customizable feature allows closet to give classic design and fit in any different place easily with various style of decorations. The sturdy structure is supported by heavy-duty steel frames, ABS connectors, and environmental resin panels.

What did we like about this product?

  • Sturdy and strong design
  • Graceful and creative design
  • Simple and smart assembly
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Customize shape and configuration
  • Elegant pattern

What didn’t we like about this product?

  • For custom design need more components to build it

Our Verdict

KOUSI portable clothes wardrobe is all you needed for your house. Large and open space leaves room for your clothes to breathe easily. Unlike fabric wardrobes, this will not degrade fast or collapse over time.

2. SONGMICS Portable Clothes Closet (Non-woven Fabric Wardrobe)

Top 5 Best Portable Clothes Closets

Do you want to protect your clothes and daily accessories from seasonal changes?Use SONGMICS 59” portable clothes closet. With the non-woven fabric closet wardrobe, you can make the best addition to your home without any storage issue. There are nine shelves, and two hanging rods offer maximum space to hang clothes and store garments or any other stuff such as bags, shoes, hats, baby toys and lot more.

The fabric of the wardrobe helps in protecting your garments from moths, dirt, and dust. It makes your room much clean and neat. If any visitor comes to your house, you can unfold its roller shutter and hide your clothes. Such clothe organizers are best to provide comfortable and clean living space.

The wardrobe has water-proof tiers, non-woven fabric covering, steel tubes of high quality and PP plastic wardrobe connectors. The size is great suitable to organize a walk-in closet and small rooms. Space allows rooms for longer outfits as well as folded clothes. The closet is the right choice for those looking for zipper dust and waterproof cover. They are sturdy, lightweight and can hold lots of clothes easily.

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What did we like about this product?

  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Spacious storage clothes closet
  • Space-saving organizer
  • Convenient to use and easily assemble
  • Dustproof cover and have water-proof tier
  • Hanging bar load capacity per piece of 3kg
  • Maximum load capacity 58kg

What didn’t we like about this product?

  • Need to be extra careful with assembly or disassembly
  • Zip quality less and flap rip

Our Verdict

SONGMICS Portable clothes closet non-woven fabric wardrobe is roomie, sturdy and looks nice. This cube basket provides a tank to put tops, socks and much more. Quality seems to be decent for the price it is available.

3. Whitmor Portable Wardrobe Clothes Storage Organizer/Closet

Top 5 Best Portable Clothes Closets

It is best to have additional clothe closet storage for a home garage, office or any place. This is a new and advanced Polypropylene extra-long standalone closet for clothes offered by Whitmore. They offer a handy and most attractive storage solution which helps you in organizing the precious garments efficiently and neatly. Just opposite to the conventional kind of closet, that does not come with air flow and wear your valuable clothes easily.

This storage closet is right for houses, backstage theatres or dormitory purposes. You can move them from one place to another and store things like a raincoat, motorcycle jacket or old classic worn and seasonal garments.

The closet is covered with breathable fabric so that it keeps the clothes fresh always and protect from dust, bugs, mold, moisture, and insects. This is best suitable for any clothes from regular use to office wears or seasonal clothes or swimming costumes and any special garments. The portable storage closet features heavy-duty and durable steel rod and fame, bungee cord system connected to plastic to withstand enough weight. This item is a solid choice if you want to keep the clothes protected from bugs, moisture, dirt, and dust.

The Whitmor portable clothes closet is more spacious, useful and allows extra storage. According to the users, it can be assembled and sturdy easily.

What did we like about this product?

  • Whitmor closet does not require tools for assembling or disassemble
  • Portable and moveable
  • Durable and made sturdy
  • Protect the clothes
  • Heavy duty and long lasting steel rod frame
  • Mold-free Mildew free, insect free and free of odor

What didn’t we like about this product?

  • Not strong enough
  • Lightweight closet

Our Verdict

The product with a plastic frame and a metal rod is strong enough to switch seasonal clothes. You may feel little confused with storing heavy items in the closet. You can cover your things properly, and it is stable. But after several months, they may disintegrate literally.

4. YOUUD Closet Portable Closet Organizer

Top 5 Best Portable Clothes Closets

Protect your clothes and daily accessories from getting damage by using these top portable clothes closets. This closet can make a great addition to your house with storage problems. It comes with hanging rods with shelves with enough space to hang clothes and store garments or any other stuff including bags, shoes, toys, hats, etc.

The fabric closet is made of protecting your clothes from moths, dirt, and dust and make your room look neat and clean. When any visitor comes to your house, you can easily unfold its shutter by rolling down and hide your stuff easily. They are the best organizer for a comfortable and clean living space.

The waterproof and non-woven fabric is used to cover the closet with a high-quality steel rod and PP plastic connectors. This portable storage closet can meet your storage needs for the long term.

What did we like about this product?

  • Space-saving organizer for smaller rooms to the walk-in closet
  • Waterproof material
  • Durable
  • Installation steps are attached in the box

What didn’t we like about this product?

  • Cloth can tear down due to the size issue
  • Attached instructions are unclear

Our Verdict

When you install the closet, check the poles reached its bottom where plastic connector holes are there. You should be very careful with assembly and dis-assembly. But the closet after assembly looks in great size and sturdy to be filled fully.

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5. Herron Clothes Closet Portable Storage Organizer Wardrobe Closet

Top 5 Best Portable Clothes Closets

The 59” Herron portable clothes storage closet wardrobe is made with breathable fabric. The clothe storage organizer helps in keeping your home organized and neat. There are one hanging rod and 12 shelves, enough space to hang clothes and store garments or some other items like bags, shoes, hats or toys. The wardrobe is an additional space to keep clothe and accessories. Dustproof cover over the closet keeps the clothe invisible and tidy. This spacious shelves and hanging rod is great for longer outfits.

The clothes organizer is durable, lightweight and easy to assemble. A high-quality closet features heavy-duty steel rod, bungee cord system and plastic connectors to take weight without bending. You can keep it for storing bulky winter coats or evening gowns; this organizer will not get bulky under pressure. Its stainless steel frame makes ideal for handling any heavy pressure.

The recycled and non-woven fabric is waterproof, soft, non-irritating, breathable, environment and user-friendly. The quality is also good, cannot tear easily while assembling. The zipping cover allows keeping the item dust free, and waterproof fabric tiers can be cleaned easily.

What did we like about this product?

  • Quick and easily assemble or disassemble
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Spacious storage closet
  • Space-saving organizer
  • Dustproof cover and water-proof tier

What didn’t we like about this product?

  • Assembly needs to be careful

Our Verdict

The portable Heron clothes closet a spacious high-volume locker. If you want to keep your home organized and clean, this is a good choice. It adds more space for the clothes and accessories than a normal wardrobe.

What are the advantages of Portable clothes closets?

Let’s understand the major advantages that are associated with these portable clothes closet:

  • Away from home: If you keep moving from one city to another city, you may need to share the room with others. To have a portable clothes closet is extremely important in such a situation. You cannot move furniture in that place.
  • Company accommodation: If you are working professional and travel a lot. You may stay in company-owned homes. Their amenities may be less like PG accommodation but to carry portable clothes closet is used equally.
  • Small rooms: If you live in any metro city will have own cons. When you live in a big city, your house will be compact. If the rooms are small, a wooden wardrobe cannot fit in that place. Then portable clothes closet can come handy for your and keep your room tidy.
  • Holiday Home: If you have a holiday home away from your home, to buy durable furniture is not of use. You are going to visit the home only occasionally. Moreover, durable furniture cost you more and requires regular maintenance. If you cannot maintain that expensive wood furniture, they can kill Better is to invest in these portable clothes closet. It is affordable and no need for any maintenance. They can be washed and use it.
  • Adventures: These portable clothes closet are lightweight and can be set up easily. It is ideal for the people who do not like to live their suitcase. Besides hike gear, you need some clothes, travel accessories and a portable clothes closet to store them all.
  • Offseason clothes: By using this heavy duty storage system you can keep your off-seasonal clothes in it. You can save your room by packing it every time according to the season changes.

What are the Factors that you should consider before buying a perfect portable clothes closet for yourself?

Let’s go through the major factors that you should consider when making your buying decision for a portable clothes closet:

  1. Non-woven and waterproof fabric
  2. Metal clothes rack
  3. How many shelves are there
  4. Can you assemble it easily
  5. Number of rods
  6. Quality of the closet
  7. Can hang heavy clothes or not
  8. Storage space

Final Verdict

To get and stay organized can be hard sometimes. But the potential benefits are however huge. If you check these portable clothes closet product review, then you can know how beneficial they are going to be for you. So you have decided to have a better and organized lifestyle. These best clothes closets are going to lead you in a better quality of life.

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