Top 10 Best Popular Korean Kpop Girl Groups In 2020

Korean bands are all sending shockwaves across the globe. Through the YouTube, through the billboard and through the radio stations. With the advent of symphony and electronic hip-hop, new bands has rise out of nowhere. Plenty of starts are rising each day and grabbing our hearts away. From the jaw dropping recognition these bands are getting, we can be sure that they will mark their signature in the international music industry. If you have been listening to Korean music, you should know that there are plenty of tracks released each day. Here, we have managed to compile a list of Top 10 Best Popular Korean Kpop Girl Groups In 2020.

10. Nine Muses

Best Popular Korean Kpop Girl Groups In 2014
Nine Muses

Nine muses is a Korean band that has been standing solid in the international music industry. This South Korean band titled the “nine muses” had enjoyed almost four consecutive hits so far. They debuted in 2010, gaining fame thought their single “No Playboy”. Hitherto, the group has been consistent in their performances as well as success. Some of the members were replaced, but the team nine muses remain strong at professionalism, thus gaining them acclamation from many people worldwide.

09. Ace of Angels

Best Popular Korean Kpop Girl Groups In 2014
Ace of Angels

Ace of Angels or, commonly referred to as AOA, is one widely popular Korean pop girl band. They were little down on luck after they released the “Miniskirt”, which made their rating plummet. The gang basically consists of five hotties, with each one of them having a specific role in their music. Their debut was “Angels Story” and it stole away the hearts of many people. Even though poorly received, the sexy theme of the song “MiniSkirt” gave them the SBS Inkigayo award on Feb 9th.

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08. A-Pink

Best Popular Korean Kpop Girl Groups In 2014

Widely considered as the dark horses of Korean pop music industry, they rose to fame with their tracks, which are unbeatable.. Their debut album was Mollayo which was released on April 21, 2011. After releasing their first albums, they enjoyed widely acclaimed success and popularity, rising to stardom. Last year, they had their 3rd highest selling album song with “NoNoNo”.

07. Ladies Code

Best Popular Korean Kpop Girl Groups In 2014

This basically comes up on number 7th on the list. But the tracks of ladies code has hung around the Billboard for more than anyone had ever expected. Their debut album was Code01 which was released in 2013. The, later on, they went on to become the most reputed brand of the year with 2 hit singles. Those are “Bad Girl” and “Pretty Pretty”

06. Crayon Pop

Best Popular Korean Kpop Girl Groups In 2014
Crayon Pop

Crayon Pop is a five member band who came to fame, gaining their 6th place on the list of 10 most popular Korean Pop bands. The release of their music video, “Bar Bar” went viral. Crayon pop has amazing concepts as well as beautifully choreographed songs, which secures the highest records for releasing the single. I there is some band that can come back with a surprise, it is definitely Crayon pop.

05. Girl’s day

Best Popular Korean Kpop Girl Groups In 2014
Girl’s day

They are very first success came in 2013. Since then, the band named Girl’s day has been playing so well with their cards. Their very latest release, “Something” is already topping the charts. They have also been involved in stealing away TV shows as well as overseas performances. With their pace in success, they have also surpassed some of the best bands in music history.

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04. Davichi

Best Popular Korean Kpop Girl Groups In 2014

The Davichi has secured the third place, just because of one simple reason. They aren’t like, get a hit and then stand out for a while. They are continuously improving and progressing their releases. This band has a very strong foundation. It has only two members, Lee Haeri and Minkyung. They are famous for their place in digital time charts for their album titled the “Mystic ballad”.

03. Jewelry

Best Popular Korean Kpop Girl Groups In 2014

Another popular korean Kpop group is Jewelry. It is among the best because it went through multiple lineup changes and some setbacks after its 2001. There are many popular in record like  “Superstar,” the shining and most significant moment of Jewelry’s career. We can say we love their team like  Seo In Young, Park Jung Ah, Baby J and EunJung . We also regret because  Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah leave the group  to pursue individual activities.

02. Sistar

Best Popular Korean Kpop Girl Groups In 2014

Sistar is basically a band of 4 super hot girls who are full of exhilarating energy and beauty. They are definitely kind of super stars in the Korean pop industry from their unique as well as elegant concepts. The physical sales of their music have achieved a considerably high hit rate, so their digital sales are expanding beyond norms. One member of the gang named Dasom is pursuing an acting career while one named Hyorin has already achieved 6 hilarious solo hits. These are definitely the rising stars of the Korean Pop music industry

01. Girl Generation

Best Popular Korean Kpop Girl Groups In 2014
Girl Generation

 It is no secret that girl generation dominates the Korean pop industry. Over the time they have gained millions of fans as well as large loads of sales. They maintain their positive image constantly in the market as well as between fans.

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