Wednesday , July 18 2018

Top 10 Portable Mosquito Killer for Summer 2018

Mosquitoes as well as bugs are the real issues for many people especially in those circumstances when mosquitoes are out both during night and day. They are the carriers of various diseases like West Nile – virus which can make people much sick. They have the capability for making both people and animals sick. The best way to keep yourself …

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Top 10 Richest Countries in the World 2014


Today, when I got up and listen to radio about the lives of people around the world make me very upset about and feel pity about people who live in poorest and less develop countries. Many people have no food, health care, house even the right to travel and speak. But this feeling make me come up with the topic …

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Top 10 Best Korean Movies In 2014

Best Korean Movies In 2014

Korean movies cannot compare to hollywood movies but it have own special that people around the world need. Most of the people who have observed them will find this Top 10 list very honest. However for you who have not still watched, and then discover which are usually the top 10 Korean movies you should buy and also watch in …

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Top 10 Best Safest Country in the world


People in the world always want to live in the safe and protected country and some people even leave their own country to find that safest place. The world nowadays is restlessness, full of terrorism and social problem that make life to become boring. The super power countries or developed countries not always the safest to live and we choose …

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Top 10 Best Tips to Make Your Cat Happy

cat in

Cat is a best friends in house for many reason. you need to ensure that your cat is not only healthy but also happy being with you and living, in your house. If you decide to own a cat, it is your duty to make that your cat is as comfortable as possible and this is what will contribute to their happiness. Even cat live in …

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Top 10 Best Banks In the World In 2015

OP Pohjoka Bank

To keep money safe, people normally keep it in banks. The financial institutions can also be used to transfer amounts of money out and in of town. Banks also come in handy when people are looking for a number of benefits such as getting loans to meet short term or even long term financial needs. Functions of the banks are …

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Top 10 Best Ways To Make Your Dog Happy

top 10 best ways make dog happy

 Dog is man’s best friend and for this reason, you need to ensure that your dog is not only healthy but also happy being with you and living, in your house. If you decide to own a dog, it is your responsibility to ensure that your pet is as comfortable as possible and this is what will contribute to their …

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Top 10 Best Ways To Keep A Good Relationship With Family

Cambodian Family

 More often than not we normally take our families for-granted and we don’t treat one another with respect, although the 1st people we expect to-be there in times of need is our family. To make those around us feel appreciated we must treat-them with respect & show them they’re important to us. Just as we’ve to work on friendships we …

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Top 10 Best Selling Books In 2018

Orphan Train

The following is the list of top 10 best selling books of 2018. These kinds of ratings are provided based on rating & goodreads. These types of books will definitely be worth reading. There is absolutely no specific category by which these books are selected. These books are presented ratings based on their reputation in the market. Here are  list of top 10 …

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Dance Styles in the World

Apsara Dance

Dance is a famous art that you can do in your daily life. This art involves your body movement, rhythmic movement, and also the music. It is also performed in many countries with different cultures. Different places usually have their own traditional dances that are very interesting for the spectators. This article is going to talk about top 10 most beautiful …

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