IO Hawk Mobility Board Review

Hoverboards are increasingly being used by different people across the globe due to the numerous benefits they offer. For instance, many celebrities in the music and movie industries are uploading videos while using hoverboards to do professional stunts and moves. Scooters are also being used as means of transport by people who want to run their everyday errands quickly and easily. If you cannot afford a car or a motorbike, or if you want to save the fuel of your motorbike or car, then it is recommended that you consider purchasing a scooter. This write up will focus on discussing about a review of IO Hawk Mobility Board.

IO Hawk Mobility Board Review

IO Hawk Mobility Board Review

What’s the IO Hawk?

The IO Hawk Mobility board is simply a type of self- balancing scooter that does not have a handlebar. This type of scooter usually use electricity as a power source. Therefore, you’ll be good for a ride once you step in this type of scooter since there are no hand devices required to control it. When compared to the other scooters, IO Hawk Mobility Board often move at a fast speed. Also, these types of hoverboards will always maintain between keeping their balance and high speed in order to assure the safety of the people using them Let’s now have a look at some of the tips you should put into consideration when using the IO Hawk Board.

Tips on How to Use the IO Hawk Board

Here are the tips you should put into consideration when using the Io Hawk Board:

Tip#1: Getting Familiar With this Type of Scooter:-

This type of scooter is usually very easy to use. Generally, it takes about ten minutes to get familiar with this scooter and around one hour to master all the concepts used when riding it. When training yourself how to ride this scooter, it is recommended that you begin using it on a carpet in order to minimize the occurrence of injuries. Be aware that this scooter can hassle free move at a speed of about six miles per hour and is completely operated by an individual by shifting his/her weight backward and forward.

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When this scooter is charged fully, you can easily cover a distance of 10 miles without requiring a recharge. Don’t you think that that is in deed great?

IO Hawk Mobility Board Review

Tip#2: How to beat Cracks in the Ground:-

If you’re using this hooverboard in a ground with cracks, you do not need to worry yourself as the device can hassle free cross cracks up to 0.5 inch without making you experience any issues. Also, you don’t have to worry passing in dusty and water splashed areas while riding this scooter. The IO Hawk has got strong tires which cannot easily slip in muddy places. This will therefore enable you to climb up to 10 degrees in a muddy place without experiencing any difficulties. The device also has got LED lights on its back which will help you out in locating barriers when riding it.

Tip#3: Placing your Foot on the Scooter:-

In order to begin using this kind of scooter, you’ll have to put one of your feet on the foot pad. Basically, the foot pad is designed in such a manner that it only moves once you’ve placed properly your foot. This is a unique feature that this self balancing scooter comes with and it will definitely bring you a fun element when handling your everyday activities using it.

Tip#4: Going Forward Using the Scooter:-

Once you place your foot on the scooter’s foot pad, all you need to do is using your body to move around. For you to be in a position to move backward using the IO Hawk, lean your body slightly backward and the hoverboard will go in that direction. Leaning your body slightly forward will make the scooter move forward. Generally, leaning further in a forward direction is important when a person wants to accelerate the speed of this device.

Turning your body right or left makes the device turn in that direction. This is a move that you’ll definitely have to master if you in deed want to avoid obstacles while riding the IO Hawk.

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Tip#5: Slowing Down While on a High Speed:-

For you to slow down while on high speed, slightly lean your body backwards. This is an element that acts as a brake when using this scooter. Note that leaning further backwards when the device has stopped will make it go in the opposite direction.

However, you must not be violent when using your body to control the scooter as this can easily result in accidents occurrence. Let’s now have a look at some of the merits as well as demerits you’ll likely experience while riding this scooter.

Merits of the IO Hawk Mobility Board

*Mastering its Moves is Easy:-

It will only take you a few minutes to be able to master the scooter’s moves. Generally, you require about ten minutes knowing how the scooter works and one hour to master how to ride it.

*It is Fast:-

The scooter moves at a speed of 6 miles per hour. This is not a slow speed if you compare it with the speed of the other types of self balancing scooters.

*A Battery that Lasts Long:-

The battery of this scooter usually lasts long when it’s fully charged. You can be able to cover up to 20 miles when the battery is fully charged.

*Designed to Deal with Cracks:-

As long as the cracks in the ground are 0.5 inch, you do not need to worry about them as the device is designed in such a manner that it can smoothly move over them.

*Climbing Hills with the Device is Easy:-

The non- pneumatic tires that this scooter comes with normally make climbing uphill quite easy. With this type of scooter, you can hassle free climb a hill easily up to an inclination of about 15 degrees.

Demerits of the IO Hawk Mobility Board

*It’s Costly:-

When compared with the other types of scooters, most people consider this device to be a little bit more expensive.

Last, but not least, when you compare the merits that the IO Hawk Mobility Board carries along, they definitely outweigh the demerits. Ensure that you purchase this scooter as soon as possible if you want to add a new meaning to the world of simple transportation. Thank you.

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