Top 10 Inspirations behind Comic Book Super villains

Imaging comics without supervillains is something that is not possible at all, at least for those belonging to the current generation. However, there are very few who are aware that there are some interesting inspirations behind comic book super villains . Below given is a well compiled list of such characters for your exclusive reference. Here are the list Top 10 Inspirations behind Comic Book Super villains :

10. Dr. Doom


 Inspirations behind Comic Book Super villains
dr doom

All those who are vary of Fantastic Four need not require any introduction about this character. However, this one has been unveiled and immortalized by none other legendary personality Stan Lee himself. Jack Kirby got affected so much that he drew more than inspiration from the ancient ruler of Latveria. It is because of this exact reason that the portrayal of the character named Dr. Doom met with so much of significance.



9. Magneto


 Inspirations behind Comic Book Super villains

Magneto was initially referred to as Magnus for a long period of time. However, the character was born as Max Eisenhardt and was popular to the entire world as Erik Magnus Lehnsherr as well. Perhaps, he is one of the founders of Brotherhood as well, which led to a cult following in an exceptional manner beating everyone’s expectations in the most refined manner possible.

8. Galactus


 Inspirations behind Comic Book Super villains

Perhaps, there is no other exciting comic super villain character introduced in the history of comics other than Galactus. This character was brought into recognition back in 1966 by Stan Lee again along with John Kirby. The unique characterization of this popular figure has been made evergreen in the most creative fashion possible. It is because of this reason that the effects could be felt even now.

7. Cat Woman


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 Inspirations behind Comic Book Super villains
Cat Woman

Nobody who is associated with comics fondly can ever forget Cat Woman. The writing was on the wall ever since the character was first introduced. Initially, the character was known as Selina Kyle and was unleashed into the comic world back in 1940. The same character was portrayed by Halle Berry in the Hollywood movie titled Catwoman, which greatly enthralled the audience all over the world.

6. Penguin


 Inspirations behind Comic Book Super villains

Penguin is best remembered as the fiercest enemy of legendary cartoon character Batman. Perhaps, it was actually introduced by Bob Kane who teamed up with Bill Finger back in 1941. Their sincere efforts have paid off with the character having been immortalized. Numerous movies too have been made with Penguin as the central character in various Batman movies, which even mesmerize audience these days as well.

5. Rorschach


 Inspirations behind Comic Book Super villains

Alan Moore associated with Dave Gibbons in 1986 to produce something unique and this has resulted in Rorschach, the legendary supervillain comic character that left behind memories that can never be erased. The character has been adapted into numerous movies such as Mr. A as well depicting the strong association of it with the audience. The inspiration was from author Steve Ditko.

4. Harley Quinn


Top 10 Inspirations behind Comic Book Super villains
Harley Quinn

This passionate girlfriend of Joker can never be forgotten because of the finesse with which the character carries itself. The novel way of shaping up the character of Harley Quinn leaves behind superb emotions that cannot be erased that easily from minds. The best glimpse of Harley Quinn could be obtained in Joker’s Favor version of 1992 belonging to Batman series.

3. Red Skull


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Top 10 Inspirations behind Comic Book Super villains
Red Skull

Joe Simon is the co-creator of this popular character along with Jack Kirby and France Herron. There has been no looking back since then with maximum interest generated by it whenever it has been included in comics and movies. Initially, the character was named Captain America, but later got changed to Hot Fudge and eventually to Red Skull by Joe.

2. Poison Ivy


Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy

Robert Kanigher was the mastermind behind the creation of a character named Poison Ivy. In fact, it was Sheldon Moldof who ably assisted Robert in creating it with so much of success that the entire world could ever forget it. The biggest tribute to the character Poison Ivy has came when it forayed into the IGN list of top 100 villains.

1. Joker



Jerry Robinson hardly was hardly ever aware that he was going to create an immortal character in the form of Joker, the biggest foe of Batman to till date. Perhaps, it is hard to imagine the role of Batman in fighting all those evils without even thinking of Joker.Robinson also admits the motivation of Conrad Veidt in The Man Who Laughs of 1928’s traditional film.



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