Top 10 Cheapest Computer Keyboards in 2019 reviews

Keyboards are ranked based on different aspects of their being. They are ranked based on affordability, Durability and its ability to deliver what they are actually designed for. For example, you cannot say a keyboard is cheap if it is not comfortable since if you type with an uncomfortable keyboard, you will find yourself injured at the end of the day so what is the essence of saying that is cheap if it is very uncomfortable at the end of the day. Cheap is expensive ass it is put by many and the following is a list of the top 10 cheapest computer keyboards in 2019 reviews based on a combination of several; issues adding up to its usability.

10. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard (L5V-00001)

There is so much to love about the Sculpt system by Microsoft, especially if you are a long time user of split style ergonomic keyboards. This wireless modern rendition of the Microsoft Natural 4000 series is a fresh update and keeps hands and wrists comfortable. We highly recommend it if you are in to the style, but sadly compared to the old 4000 series there are some annoyances including a very awkward mouse and the standard six key arrangement of Insert to Page Down is moved around.

Cheapest Computer Keyboards

9. Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard for iPad

This is the only mobile Bluetooth keyboard on our list because we just didn’t see the point of including any others. Anker is a fantastic brand which we have recommended in numerous other categories. Their slim Bluetooth keyboard is available in black and white and works with nearly all popular tablets; this includes the iPad 2 all the way up until modern Galaxy tabs. We love this keyboard and its battery life.

Cheapest Computer Keyboards

8.Celluon EPIC Ultra-Portable Full-Size Virtual Keyboard

This is a long shot and should really just be used in a pinch or to impress friends, but we wanted to include simply because it is cool modern tech. The projection based keyboard tracks your movement across the image of a keyboard it projects on to your surface. While this does work well for slow-moving hands, once you start hitting over 60wpm you will start having inaccuracy as well. Otherwise, this is a nifty travel device and can be used to impress your friends as it is both cheap and classy. You can find it at very affordable price.

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Cheapest Computer Keyboards

7. CM Storm Devastator – LED Gaming Keyboard

This gaming keyboard is only included on our list because we plan to release another top ten dedicated to gaming keyboards. Until then, we find this will cover the needs of the vast majority of gamers who prefer cheap and sleek gaming keyboards. The Cooler Master Storm Devastator is an extremely affordable keyboard and mouse combo with great looking blue back light. It’s ergonomic for long gaming sessions. The keyboard is not a true mechanical, but instead something of a hybrid that still provides decent tactile feedback and a feeling of a strong gaming sensation for heavy gamers.

Cheapest Computer Keyboards

6. Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

Hassle for battery is a thing for the past with the use of this solar powered Keyboard. What you just need to do is use it outdoors in most of the time and you are good to go. It is Sold and transported to you at very affordable prices of all. The keys in this keyboard are slightly curved making it a pleasure to type with hence it is not only among the cheapest ones but also the most comfortable of all the keyboards in the current market.

Cheapest Computer Keyboards

5. Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360 Glossy

This is another superb product from Logitech. This brand is among the cheapest keyboards we are reviewing this year. It is sold very cheaply  whereby everyone can afford to own it. It is not only cheap but also a good one in terms of performance and durability. It is not only a keyboard for your computer but also it acts as an extended volume control for your music system hence making it one of the most reliable keyboards to buy.

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Cheapest Computer Keyboards

4. AmaBasics Wired Keyboard

This product is serious about establishing their brand of consumer electronics. The Ama Basics keyboard is just awesome. It has the same, if not better, build quality of the Logitech K360 we were just playing with but it comes in at half the price. Sure it doesn’t have wireless, but the keys are more tactile and properly spread. You never have to deal with battery replacements and it has all the hot keys you need for volume, calculator, and more making it easy to customize according to your needs and preferences.

Cheapest Computer Keyboards

3. Logitech Wireless Wave Combo Mk550

The Logitech Wireless WAVE is something of a classic keyboard. It has survived the test of time, and even now makes our fresh top ten lists. It’s simply one of the most comfortable keyboards out there. We tested the combo kit here that also comes with a cheap mouse, but the star of the show is the keyboard. Battery life is incredible, comfort is great, and it’s hard to beat Logitech’s legendary warranty support should you ever have an issue.

Cheapest Computer Keyboards

2. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

Of course the most comfortable keyboard is still, the reigning champion, Microsoft Natural 4000. If you have never used a split keyboard then your wrists don’t know what they are missing, which is essentially a world of no pain. There is no need to get freaked out by the design, your hands and brain will adapt and thank you. If you use keyboards for prolonged periods of time, do yourself a favor and at least try one of these out at a Best Buy. Then pick it up for a third of the price once you are convinced.

Cheapest Computer Keyboards

1. Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400

When balancing price, features, and comfort there is no better keyboard than the Logitech Wireless K400. It simply has it all, and although it is not the best at anything it is great at everything. The battery life is great, the wireless range is great, the comfort is as good as a non-split keyboard can be, and you will find yourself using the touch pad all the time. The only tiny downside is that this is not for prolonged use . All above reason make Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 on the top of our cheapest computer keyboards in 2016 reviews.

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

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