Top 10 Best Toilet Brushes in 2020 Reviews

It is true that if you want to know if one is clean, look at their toilet. Toilet is one basic amenity each and every home should boast of. This is because it is only here where we get relieved and answer the call of nature. This being a place where you cannot afford to avoid, it should be well kept. On the other hand, if it is not kept clean and tidy, it can be disastrous as diseases can spread to the house not forgetting foul smell. In our article of the Top 10 Best Toilet Brushes in 2020 Reviews we are going to give you the most amazing tips to keep your toilet clean always.

Cheap and Green tips to keep your toilet Clean

Using denture cleaner tabs

Dropping a denture cleaning tab into the toilet bowl at night then scrubbing it in the morning will leave your toilet bowl sparkly clean. If you want it clean when you flush, it is therefore recommendable that you drop the tab into the reservoir or at the back of the tank.

Wet dry sand paper

This works perfectly against stubborn stains that are otherwise almost impossible to remove with other ordinary methods. You should be careful while using this method as it can scratch if otherwise, you are not careful.

Baking powder

This powder left overnight will ensure that you have a clean surface while you flush your bowl in the morning. This is because the chemical found in the powder will help soften up the stains hence, making it easy to remove. Apart from cleaning, baking powder also eliminates smell and maintains the good bacteria needed in there.

Steam cleaners

Using a steam jet directed to the corners and around the bolts which would otherwise, be hard to clean using ordinary methods, will leave your toilet always clean and appearing new. Steam is also another great way of disinfecting the toilet without having to kill useful bacteria.


Vinegar helps in preventing the ring in your toilet and reduces flush water hence, it is a good fix for places where water is of great benefit.

All the above methods are not complete without the use of a toilet brush. It is through the use of a toilet brush that actuation of actual cleaning is effected. Not all toilet brushes are of good quality and of the same uses. It is a good thing to ensure that before you buy a toilet brush, you need to make a wise consideration of so many things. These things you need to consider are based on what you really need as a person in order to make it effective and efficient. So find your best toilet brush with the help of the following toilet brush buying guide.


Before you cash out for a brush, it is important for you to consider the quality of the brush you need to buy. This will help you buy a good brush that will last for a long period of time. Consider buying the brush from reputable manufacturers and be assured that whatever you are buying from them is of high quality and will last sufficiently long. To ensure that what you are buying is truly of high quality, you need to compare several of them before you decide on which one to buy. Another good way of knowing the quality of a product is seeking information from the experienced like specialists or even friends who have a prior experience with the same product as this way, you will get the different reviews hence, at the end of the day, use the positive review on making a choice.

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You need to buy a toilet brush that can be used in all your toilets that is, if you have more than one toilet installed in your house. This way, you will be advantaged as you will need only one or two brushes. The bristles should be stiff enough to ensure that it reaches every corner of the toilet bowl.


This is another aspect worth giving a consideration. It is good to buy a toilet brush made of a material that is both long lasting and strong enough to perform the duties designated to do. The material from which the brush is made from should not be that one that can cause problems to humans since they are the ones who use them at all the time. Heavy metals like lead should be discouraged at all cost since they are the ones which cause cancer in humans.

In order to get information on what you need to consider, using online methods to outsource them is an assurance that you will get all information needed. This way, you will get the best toilet brush that you will not regret it at the end of the day. We therefore have the following list of the Top 10 Best Toilet Brushes in 2020 Reviews

10.OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush

If automation is what you are looking for, this is the perfect toilet brush for you. The canister door of this brush’s holder opens automatically when the brush is lifted but neatly stores it when it is not in use The tip of this brush has stiff bristles which are tapered in order to be able to clean up to the bottom of the bowl  and hard to reach points for maximum cleanliness. It tray also contains an orifice which enables water vapor to evaporate through and keep the toilet brush ventilated and fresh for a long time.


i)This toilet brush is ideal for small and constricted places.

ii)it has a well shaped handle to enhance a good grip


i)This product is expensive

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9.Casabella Toilet Bowl Brush

This is an easy, basic and must have equipment for your bathroom. This brush is well dimensioned, sufficient for a good use within your house by anyone. The brush is made from stiff nylon bristles and a strong steel reinforced handle to ensure that it last for a long time making a good sense for the worth of your money. It is made white just to fit right to the toilet environment and enhance camouflage.


i)it is made from high quality materials

ii)It is long lasting


i)the white color makes it susceptible to dirt

Top 10 Best Toilet Brushes in 2016 Reviews


8.Rubbermaid Commercial Toilet Bowl Brush with Plastic Handle

This toilet brush is resistant to stains, odors, bacteria and wear. It is therefore reliable toilet brushes that always keep your washroom clean and elegant. Due to the fact that this product is inert from so many  subject conditions, it is fit for industrial or a busy environment where there is a lot of work. The sturdy bristles it has is designed and fit for moderate to heavy cleaning. Its handle has a hook which enables it to be hung after use and cleaning.


i)Its bristles are stain resistant

ii)the best choice for moderate to heavy cleaning


i)Made from plastic which may not last for long in heavy work environment

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7.Home Basics Vented Stainless Steel Toilet Brush Holder

This is a toilet brush that I can say, belongs to the modest. This is because the style in it is overwhelming. The stainless steel casing of the bowl is a perfect material for making the floors dry at all the time since there is not leaks as it is the case with other models of toilet brushes. It is vented so the issue of ventilation and aeration is well taken care of. It is generally an attractive and creative product which improves the look in your washroom.

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i)it has a good design that allows for ventilation

ii)made from a material that is strong and long lasting


stainless steel material made from can rust if subjected to conditions favoring rust

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6.Home-it toilet brush set Chrome toilet brush for tall toilet bowl and toilet brush holder with Lid great toilet bowl cleaner

This package has an attractive look which makes it double as an antique as well as serving the purpose of holding and containing a cleaning tool. It is designed in a way that it can clean tall toilet bowls thus, fit for all kinds of toilets since if it can clean a tall one, it means too it can clean the short ones.


i)Long lasting

ii)designed to clean all types of toilet bowls


i)Chrome bowl may not be a good fit for dumpy environments

Top 10 Best Toilet Brushes in 2016 Reviews


5.Quickie European Bowl Brush and Caddy

This is a toilet brush that will leave your washroom sparkly clean. The brush is made from high quality poly fibers and featuring a curved head for reaching under the toilet rims making it easy to clean your bowls at all the time.Brush’s handle is also very good as it gives a good grip for comfort while in use. It also has caddy storage for when the brush is not in use.If you are living outside US, you can get it as it is shipped to selected countries outside U.S


i)Elegant design

ii)long lasting



Top 10 Best Toilet Brushes in 2016 Reviews


4.MR. SIGA Soft Bristle Toilet Brush Set

SIGA Soft Bristle Toilet Brush Set is designed with smooth non-scratch brush with under-rim design making it easy to use and efficient. The smooth bristles makes it possible to use in high quality toilet bowls that are both expensive and delicate. It is a set, which means if you have more washrooms, it is a good fit for you other than buying the single ones which may, at the end of the day, be a little bit expensive.


i)It comes as a set, so relatively cheap

ii)made from high quality material


i)Hook-like under the rim cleaner may break if  handled carelessly

Top 10 Best Toilet Brushes in 2016 Reviews


3.YoYo Moon Toilet Brush Set Bronze Toilet Brush

This is another very good toilet brush. It is designed in such a way that it has a lid which act at the same time as a hook. When not in use, the lid of the bowl covers the brush completely hence, making it one of the best assortments as far as hygiene is of concern. The beautiful shinny stainless steel finish makes this product match almost all the décor designs and color hues.If you are looking for something elegant, then this is the perfect choice for you.


i)The stainless steel material it is made from makes puts it in the list of long lasting

ii)The cover design makes it hygienic


i)It needs a little assembly which could proof hard for end users

Top 10 Best Toilet Brushes in 2016 Reviews


2.simple human Toilet Brush, White

This type of toilet brush is typically designed to reach the hard to clean areas of the toilet bowl like under the rims and bottom parts of the bowl. It also has tough bristle which enables them be able to clean and scrub through tough stains. The slim, dome-shaped cover conveniently stores the toilet brush when not in use, keeping it hygienic and discreetly hidden. A unique magnetic collar secures the cover to the toilet brush so you can carry them together without any drips.


i)It is durable

ii)It has a nice stopper assortment making it a decoration product too.


i)it is very expensive

Top 10 Best Toilet Brushes in 2016 Reviews


1.Home Basics Toilet Brush Holder (Grey)

On top of our list is this toilet brush made by home basics. If you are looking for brush to clean the toughest stains from your toilet bowl, then this is the best for you. Many reviewers term this the best choice as it stays in the holder and do exactly what it is needed to do at all time.


i)This product is highly durable

ii)It is easy to use


i)Its color is not attractive

Top 10 Best Toilet Brushes in 2016 Reviews


I hope the above review helps you get what you are looking for. Keep an eye on the online platform for more like this and you will not go home heartbroken.


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