Top 5 Best Tennis Shoes For Women Reviews

A healthy mind needs a healthy body and in order to have a healthy body, you cannot just lie there on your couch, eat pizzas and watch Netflix. You need to move out of your house or workplace for some physical workout. It could be any sports or any athletic activity which you must maintain at least once a week to make sure your muscles are being well exposed to effort and efficient movement. For every sports, there are some protocols that you need to follow to be productive and efficient. You cannot expect yourself to perform well on a soccer pitch with high heels.

We are talking about shoes in particular over here and tennis as sports. Tennis is one of the most athletic sports in the world which required a lot of your stamina and strength and in order to achieve that, the most important thing that you need is the tennis shoes. This article is all about the tennis loving ladies and their tennis shoes as we are going to get your attention for the top 5 best tennis shoes for women reviews. These reviews have been based on customer’s feedback and the quality of the production. Talking about quality what comes to mind is the durability, comfort and also the looks of your shoes as when it comes to women there is no compromise on the looks of what you are wearing.

Who needs to buy tennis shoes for women?

This sounds to be like a rather funny question. Well, the straight forward answer should be all the women playing tennis should buy tennis shoes. However, these tennis shoes are not just limited to only playing tennis. Tennis shoes are incredible when it comes to running so even if you don’t play tennis much, you would still want to buy these shoes for your occasional runs and tennis sessions.

Comparison Table: Top 5 Best Tennis Shoes For Women

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Tennis shoes are not very different when it comes to important factors that you must have in your shoes. Let us have a general comparison of these 5 best tennis shoes before we discuss them in detail;

Qansi Womens Girls Fashion Casual Knitted Sports Sneakers Athletic Running Shoes


If you are not a crazy fan of few of the mainstream brands and would love to try new ones offering great quality, you need to check this baby out. These shoes are a perfect companion for your tennis sessions and will definitely make you much more comfortable on the field. They have been designed to look incredibly good and are available in different bright colors which will surely compliment your get-up.

There are many impressive aspects of these shoes such as the comfort. Wearing these shoes is as good as you are wearing nothing. They are ultra-light in weight and you would love wearing them day in and day out without ever having to complain about them. They are very well cushioned from the inside which brings the ultimate relief to your feet. The pattern on the bottom of sole features flexible grooves, which strengthen the shoes ability of anti-skid and grip, helping users adapt to any surface condition. This sole also helps you give the control you need and the grip you need on the floor.

You are going to rule the tennis field with these shoes and on top of everything that they have to offer, they come in at a very affordable price and there was no reason we could have left these babies out from our top 5 best shoes for women reviews. These shoes don’t only brings the very best of the wearing experience but will also make your look more attractive. You can go for your favorite one from a wide range of colors.

What We Think Is Good
  • Classic design
  • Ultra-light in weight
  • Very breathable
  • High quality comfortable sole
What We Still Consider
  • Above average when it comes to durability
  • You might find the colors to be overly bright

ASICS Women’s Gel-Solution Slam 3 Tennis Shoe


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One of the best rated tennis shoes for women that you will come across in the market. These babies are meant for serious business and they come with a promise to make your game better. The stability and control that comes with these shoes is just incredible and they are comfortable enough to be used for hours. These shoes have been integrated for enhanced cushioning that treat your feet like royalty and that is how you get the very best of performance out of them.

The overall weight is very light and they are completely anti-slip no matter what kind of surface are you playing on. A lightweight midfoot Trusstic technology ensures torsional stability while the solid rubber outsole provides sure-footed traction on a variety of hard court surfaces. They have been made with a combination of synthetic leather and air mesh enhancing breathability which make them super flexible and super durable as well.

These shoes come at a great price and easily beat many of the shoes from some very famous and expensive brands. There is no way in hell that you might end up feeling disappointed with these shoes and will have to curse us for recommending you to go for them.


  • High quality construction
  • High quality non-slip rubber sole
  • Made for incredible durability
  • Extra cushioning for the very best of comfort


  • Might have fitting problems
  • Not perfect for professional tennis play


adidas Women’s Barricade Court W Tennis Shoe


Are you planning to have revenge from your tennis rival who have been giving you tough time for quite some while now? Or are just sitting and wondering why do you suck at this sports even though you have great passion for it? Maybe all you have missing are the right shoes under your feet and trust us these shoes are definitely going to enhance your ability. It would have been criminal if we had left these shoes out of our list of the very best.

Adidas comes with a great reputation when it comes to the quality and comfort of the shoes that they make but trust us these shoes are on a whole different level even for the standards of Adidas. They are the bestselling tennis shoes for women and have been rated as good as perfect by the customers. Not a single customers pointed out even a minor discomfort or concern regarding these beauties. They have also been designed to look incredibly well and they will certainly get you some attention, whether you like it or not. You talk about the durability, comfort, overall design or anything that comes into your mind; these babies have mastered them all.

Built for unlimited court coverage, these women’s tennis shoes feature a breathable mesh upper. Synthetic overlays have been added for extra support, while a 3D torsion midsole helps keep you stable during the most intense rallies. Have a control over your every single shot with investing your money in these remarkable shoes. You will always be very proud of your decision for opting for these beauties.


  • cloudfoam midsole for ultimate comfort
  • breathable mesh upper
  • extra support for your feet
  • 3D torsion midsole for ultimate stability


  • Might seem a bit expensive (still totally worth it)


PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 Wn’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe


Puma is another leading brand in footwear and other sports items for all the good reasons. Talking about these tennis shoes in particular, the customers have gone all gaga over them. They will cost you more money than many of your other options but will bring you the experience that you will never forget. We are sure that one day when you will get finished with these shoes, you would still want to buy the same pair again.

They are available in many colors which is also something attractive to many customers especially to women who are very color conscious about their clothing and accessories. The overall built of these shoes is as impressive as you will find in the market and that makes them one of the most reliable tennis shoes for women. Your friends are going to be in awe of these shoes and you are going to look only better. The sleek and streamlined silhouette sets these PUMA tazon 6 shoe apart from the rest.

This stylish sneaker sports a synthetic leather upper with midfoot saddle for maximum fit and comfort while eva in the heel absorbs impact. These shoes have been tested rigorously for high quality standards before they made their mark in the market and they were produced by PUMA to be their trademark product which they achieved successfully. Unless you have personal issues and grudges with PUMA, we cannot think of a single reason for why you should say no to these shoes.


  • High quality synthetic leather
  • Very durable rubber sole
  • Good breathability
  • Designed to look good


  • Not very durable in a long run


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adidas Women’s Barricade Club Tennis Shoes


Another Adidas product that had to make into our very best. Even making into the best 3 tennis shoes for women would also be a walk in the park for these shoes. These shoes will get your attention right away with the way they have been designed. They look incredibly good on your feet and feel as good as orgasms. You might think we are exaggerating only until you put them on and then thank us for the recommendation. Adidas usually do not offer many colors for a same product but these shoes are available in four different equally attractive color combinations.

The looks and the comfort are one thins, these shoes are one of the most durable tennis shoes for women as well, which means you are going to have the best value for your money. Built for unlimited coverage from net to baseline and crafted specifically for the clay court, these women’s tennis shoes feature a lightweight, breathable upper. These babies make you perform at your very best in the court and you are certainly going to surprise many people. An adituff toe prevents against drag during the matches’ biggest moments, while a 3D torsion midfoot and eva midsole offer cushioning and stability during the most intense rallies.


  • Ultimate comfort
  • High durability
  • Ideal for control and stability on tennis court


  • Ignorable hard on the heels


Care and maintenance of tennis shoes

Care and maintenance of your tennis shoes is very important. These shoes are not something that you would want to buy every now and then. They cost you good lot of bucks and they are supposed to serve you well for a good period of time. The quality of the shoes is one thing and maintaining it is another. A well maintained shoes would last much longer than poorly maintained shoes, there is no question about that. The most important thing to be careful about is to keep these shoes away from water. They are water resistant but still they are at their best if they don’t get into contact with the water. Keeping them dry and cleaning them regularly will not only enhance their life but will also make you look good.  

Top 5 Best Tennis Shoes For Women

Shopping guide for tennis shoes

Tennis is as athletic spots as any other in the world and you need to have lightweight shoes with a great degree of comfort and control. Our top 5 best tennis shoes for women reviews make it very easy for you to spend your money on the right product however, your only worry is to choose 1 out of these 5. Here are the most important aspects you should consider while shopping tennis shoes;

  • Control: control over your movement is key to your performance in tennis. You need the optimum control and impact resistant while returning your shots and not all kinds of shoes would comply with that. Your shoes must have great stability, impact resistance and the ultimate control.
  • Comfortable: If your tennis shoes are not comfortable enough, they are of no use. The high quality tennis shoes always have their best focus on inner cushioning and the overall comfort level of the shoes.
  • Good looking: while you have everything in term of amazing features and comfort, it is important for your shoes to be good looking. You would like spending good bucks and then getting compliments on how nice your shoes look. It is important for both men and women.
  • Sole: the sole of your tennis shoes is one of the most important factors that directly effect on your mobility. All the high quality tennis shoes are a result of careful and great effort on the sole of the shoe. It has to be well sticked or stitched to prove to be high impact resistant and should be comfortable enough to make you play in ease for hours.

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