Make Your Play Even More Sporting with These 5 Best Off-Road Skateboards In 2020

Skateboarding is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining sports among hoverboards . As this activity continues to obtain popularity, so do the skateboard lovers continue to grow more skills. After practicing on the smooth surfaces, skateboarders have now moved to rougher surfaces. The people, who have succeeded in this, can always speak of their secret behind this success, using best off-road skateboards.

To counteract limitations which come with typical ones, most skateboarders have been turning to off-road skateboards. Now you must be thinking, why? It is because off-road skateboards are designed in such a way that they can withstand every kind of terrains.

5 Best Off-Road Skateboards

Off-road skateboards are often known as the longboards. They are longer compared to the regular skateboards and provide better speed, because of their wheel size and different construction. You can do what you love without being disrupted. Large varieties often confuse customers and choose wrong product. Do not be the victim of such confusion, for I will make certain you get the best one.

Let us review the below list of the five best off-road skateboards available in the market these days:

1. Rockboard Descender Skateboard, Blue

The Rockboard Descender is an all-terrain skateboard, which can tear-up almost every surface. Unlike other typical boards, this skateboard provides grip on pavement, grassy slopes, snowy hills, wooded paths and more.

If you are a skateboard enthusiast, then you don’t have to wait for smooth sidewalk or sunny day. Because this Descender skateboard has heavy-duty wheels in sets of 3, surrounded by the rubber tread. In order to provide you with better stability and smooth transfer on the surfaces, the tread tilts both backward and forward.

Major Features

  1. Innovative and Unique
  2. 36 wheels in total
  3. All terrain
  4. Tank-like tread
  5. Weight: 12.35 pounds

What is good about this product?

  • Smooth transfer on the surface
  • Runs on almost all surfaces
  • Durable
  • Light in weight

What is not good about this product?

  • It is slightly slow

Our Verdict

The first thing which is very notable about Descender’s skateboard is its tank-like design. The best part about this off-road skateboard is that runs very smoothly even on a mountain trail and snowy hills. You can take this activity off-road anytime they want. Isn’t that exciting?

2. MotoTec MT-SKT-1600 1600w Dirt Electric Skateboard

The MotoTec 1600w dirt electric skateboard has higher capacity than compared to other skateboards. This is because it has dual motor having the power of 800w each. Having a total capacity of 1600w makes it incredible.

Whether you are a novice or have an experience, the MotoTec dirt electric skateboards will meet all your needs as a skater. It doesn’t only provide you with the comfy and smooth ride, but also saves you while you’re at it. This is one of the top skateboards for off-road as it is designed to avoid accidents which may come while skating.

The dual motors are placed at each of the rear tires. Due to which, skateboard may overturn, but won’t twist while accelerating.

Major Features

  1. Weight: 71 pounds, can carry up to 260 pounds
  2. Dual motors
  3. Comes with a wireless remote with which you will be able to control the off-road skateboard.
  4. Accelerates in just 3.5 seconds!
  5. Specially designed Spring bushes and Trucks
  6. Variable controlling system

What is good about this product?

  • Adjustable speed: fast, slow
  • Wireless controller which is interference-free
  • High quality
  • Imported
  • Safe
  • Smooth on all kinds of surface

What is not good about this product?

  • Heavy
  • Quite costly

Our Verdict

Take this product to experience the greatness of it. To provide the best control, this dirt electric skateboard has tires with large treads. It provides you traction on almost every surface whether it’s snowboarding, mountain trails or even beach! Do you know what the most exciting part is? It uses wireless remote control along with the variable throttle, which means you can always control how slow or fast you want to go.

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The best feature of this electric skateboard is that it has anti-lock brake system for your safety. So, it is a better grip on dirt and no more wheels spinning.

3. Rockboard Descender Skateboard, Red

This all-terrain skateboard which comes in color Red, can run on any surface and gives you amazingly smooth ride. There won’t be any disruption while you are riding this skateboard. It can be taken to snowy hills, mountain trails or even grassy slopes.

The Rockboard Descender is specially designed. It has 36 wheels in total. And they are surrounded by a tread made of rubber. This thread is designed in such a way that it tilts in both backward and forward direction and provides great stability.

The tread has a tank-like design which provides grip on any surface. The heavy-duty wheels are strong enough to ride on to tough terrains as well as rough surfaces.

Major Features

  1. Innovative and Unique
  2. All terrain
  3. Weight: 12.35 pounds
  4. Tank-like tread
  5. 36 wheels in total
  6. Dimension: 1 * 9.1 * 5.5 inches

What is good about this product?

  • Runs on almost all surfaces
  • Light in weight
  • Durable
  • Smooth transfer on the surface

What is not good about this product?

  • Slower speed

Our Verdict

Are you a kiter or a mountain skateboarder? Despite the level of your riding, this skateboard is something you can rely on. It’s comfortable, and with all those amazing features, it becomes even better. Its tank-like tread lets you move on any surface.

4. Atom Longboards Atom All-Terrain Longboard – 39″, Woody

If you are an expert or a beginner, don’t hesitate to try this longboard. No matter where you are a road or off-road, your experience is going to be amazing. That means its efficiency cannot be affected even by terrain. This is one of the top off-road longboards.

Want to add value to the leisure time? If yes, then make it entertaining with the Atom longboards Atom All-Terrain longboard. Furthermore, this skateboard lowers center of the gravity to lower increase instability.

Its latest design makes this board different from rest of boards. It’s appealing to the eye because of its beautiful crafting. This longboard is made of high-quality tools which are perfect for rough journeys. Wood finishing makes it look good.

Major Features

  1. Wheels: ideal for various terrains, MBS 100mm * 65 mm.
  2. Wheels are cast with 78a super rebound urethane to ensure it works well on both off-road and on-road.
  3. The material used is maple which makes it very attractive and sturdy.
  4. Hangers: made of aluminum, dimension: 7 inches.
  5. Bearings are shielded with rubber ABEC 9 with high-speed
  6. The kingpins are reverse and grade 8.
  7. This longboard has CMO axles which are heat treated and the base of 50 degrees.

What is good about this product?

  • Very sturdy
  • Large wheels make it comfortable on all terrain.
  • Smoothest longboard

What is not good about this product?

  • Might have to push harder compared to attain more speed

Our Verdict

This longboard is almost 39″ long. The wheels are multifunctional objects, and hence your traction will be amazing off-road. This off-road longboard consists of the drop deck which is maple lam and sturdy. This longboard has it all: looks appealing to the eye, perfect for every kind of terrain and wood finishing brings something good out. For added safety and comfort, this atom longboard is good to go.

5. MBS All Terrain Skateboard, 33″, Woody

Have you dreamt of becoming a skateboarding champion? If yes, then your dream is about to come true. MBS all-terrain skateboards will help you do that. When you buy this longboard, it will be delivered fully assembled. This MBS all-terrain skateboards will change your outlook on the things and give you a whole new experience.

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The design of this longboard is sturdy which makes this board an absolute travel partner. You can ride without any fear on every terrain. Whether it’s mountain trails, grassy slopes or snowy hills, it will keep the center of gravity lower for ultimate pushing and off-roading. Large wheels of this skateboard offer maneuverability when you move at higher speeds. The 78A supreme rebound urethane makes it very durable.

Major Features

  1. Ideal for both longboard axles and a standard board
  2. Canadian maple used
  3. Extra wide deck: 7-ply and stiff
  4. Wheels are 100 mm x 65 mm in size, can withstand each terrain despite the toughness
  5. 46 grits super coarse off-road grip tape

What is good about this product?

  • Large wheels can roll over anything
  • Accelerates easily
  • Better durability
  • Offer maneuverability
  • Comes fully assembled

What is not good about this product?

  • Doesn’t come with great finishing, sometimes it peels

Our Verdict

Need not to stress about assembling the product; it comes to you fully assembled. This is a quality skateboard which comes with rubber shielded ABEC-9 bearings. Do not walk on dusty paths when you can ride a longboard which gets over anything.

This MBS longboard provides a perfect balance between traction and speed. This is a kind of skateboard you should own.

Why go for the off-road longboards?

Why choose off-road longboards when you can have regular skateboards? This was the first question you had in your mind when you were reading this article, right! Well, off-road skateboards give more speed compared to regular skateboards. That means that you will not have to think about riding boards at slower speeds.

If you wish to amaze your friends with unmatched speed and styles, you need to try an off-road skateboard. Off-road longboards seem to have last longer than the usual ones. So, makes it pocket-friendly in the long run. If we look at long-term advantages, then you will not have to look for the replacements frequently; hence, you will have a saving of money.

These skateboards are not only pocket-friendly but also let you experience adventurous activities and various sports. To pull these tricks, enhance the creativity while riding, off-road long-boards are simply amazing.

Off-road skateboards seem more user-friendly than the regular ones. Don’t worry about the safety. These off-road skateboards make sure you are secure and safe while you do magic off the road. They offer great convenience and make certain you get an astonishing experience.

Which off-road longboards should you choose?

The best electric off-road skateboards have at least below mentioned features:

  • Wheels: Choose a skateboard whose wheels you get comfortable with. You should go for a skateboard whose wheels provide better traction on the surface you wish to ride on. Wheels will help you decide your speed.
  • Terrain Friendly: Some longboards can be used only on some specific surfaces. To be clear where you want to ride this and choose accordingly.
  • Price: Make sure that the off-road longboard is in your budget before you buy.
  • Assembly: Before you buy an off-road skateboard, make certain it would be handed to you fully assembled or not. This will help you avoid the inconvenience.

Final Verdict

Now that we have reviewed the greatest off-road skateboards, it will be easier for you to buy. We have carried intense research out so that you don’t land on a wrong product. You can buy any of the skateboards mentioned above without having to think twice. Why? It is because we have considered all the crucial factors.

Having reviewed top off-road skateboards on the market, it’s without a doubt that skateboards perform better than others. After spending enough time and research, we have concluded that MotoTec MT-SKT-1600 1600w Dirt Electric Skateboard is the best off-road skateboard so far. It is because it comes with a wireless remote control, which helps you control your speed and are way safer. Getting this longboard will help you in learning new skills and that too with ease. And you can soon become a champion of skateboarding.

Try this skateboard out. It hasn’t disappointed its user ever. You will not be the first one! And of course, it will be worth your money. Leave a reply!

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    What are your thoughts on the best safety gear when riding skateboards? (helmets, arm/leg protection)

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