List of Best Camera Sliders and Dollies in 2020 Reviews

A camera slider is one of the most essential equipment in photography and videography. Reason being, with it, you can have horizontal and vertical shots without any elements of shakes, rattles or instability.

Camera slider is a must for any professional videographer because it allows the movement of the camera, both horizontally and vertically without any vibrations. There are many models in the market to choose from but the  prices  and quality can vary a bit depending on their size and the material out of which they are made

More so, a premium quality slide saves you the much needed energy and time. You can have a look at our selection of best camera sliders and dollies in 2020 reviews and get one of the best sliders for your camera.


KAMERAR SD-1 Mark II 23 is one of best camera sliders that you should not miss. This product is made with a dolly track and has advanced stabilizing system and four ball bearing rollers which will help obtain smooth footage. The quality and durability of product is guarantee by the company. It has been designed to roll and slide with your camera in perfect stability. Moreover, it enables smooth movement for very accurate focusing and good set to possess for stereo graphic. The camera fixation mechanism works with a wide range of models and comes with a quick release system. This slider has removable logs with 4 smooth bearing dolly wheels that is easy to us, especially, it has four Nylon rollers. The SD-1 Mark II has a Screw adapter to mount a camera or head onto the sliding plate and a stop break with two new balance weight connections on each side of the slider, you are able to add weights or create a pulley system.

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11. Konova Portable Slider Dolly K1 60cm (23.6 Inch)

This 600-cm KI Konova model is a true prototype of all the sliders’ series. Its material design is amazingly sturdy and durable hence giving the longest service terms. You can attach it to all surfaces and have maximum stability with shake-free operations. It is made light yet perfectly smart for much portability in case you need to apply it on-the-move. Now you have the perfect slider for horizontal and vertical shots!

Best Camera Sliders and Dollies in 2016 Reviews

10. Neewer Mobile Rolling Sliding Dolly Stabilizer Skater Slider

Have an overall quality and durability guarantee in this Neewer slider, which has been designed to roll and slide with your camera in perfect stability. Despite the sturdy and heavy duty metal design, the lightness is incredible. With its purchase, you will have a magic-arm articulate, elongating self-snap monopod and an attached mounting tripod for your sleek GoPro!

Best Camera Sliders and Dollies in 2016 Reviews

9. Neewer Pro(Pro Version of Neewer Product) 47″/120cm Video Slider Stabilizer Linear Stabilization Rail System with 5KG/176 Ounce Load Capacity

The solid base on which this video camera slider works is a real stabilizer for your shots. It mounts and allows slides with the most stable operations ever seen. With an ultra-smooth rolling and ball-bearing slide movement, your linear stability will be at its best. You can use it for vertical as well as horizontal slides with awesome camera attachment steadiness. Besides, the aluminum structure is highly durable!

Best Camera Sliders and Dollies in 2016 Reviews

8. StudioFX All Terrain Pro DSLR Camera Slider Dolly Track Video Stabilizer by Kaezi Photo (40″ Slider)

The fact that this StudioFix slider for DSLRs is oriented to use in all the terrains, makes it the perfect choice for your videoing antics. The side-to-side slide patterns work on smooth and stealth unit to the amazement of many. It is stable, sturdy and durable besides being one of the lightest sliders ever designed. Moreover, it comes with a sleek case for holding or stowage when off use.  

Best Camera Sliders and Dollies in 2016 Reviews

7. LimoStudio 4-Way Photo Shooting Macro Focus Rail Metal Slider, Camera Slider For DSLR Digital Camera, Photo Studio, AGG1565

LimoStudio is a 24-inch-scale video stabilizing unit for systemized DSLRs. It is compactly and durably designed as one of the best sliders of all times. It is highly adored for excellent performance with maximum slider feedback of vintage value. Its ultra-modern technological ingenuity is evidenced in its clear-cut slider performances. You will definitely love how smooth, efficient and reliable this slider is!

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Best Camera Sliders and Dollies in 2016 Reviews

6. Drylin W1080-B Linear Guide Camera Slider, Predrilled

Despite the simplicity in its design, Drylin W1080-B is a liner guide-track camera slider with immense resourcefulness. It’s anodized and dry-lubricate aluminum construction ensures stability, durability and versatile performance. It is rust and corrosion free amid a steady and easy-install plus easy-use unit that gives you the best photography experience. Besides, it is shock-proof, light and supportive of massive camera weights.

Best Camera Sliders and Dollies in 2016 Reviews

5. NEEWER Tabletop Mobile Rolling Slider Dolly Car Skater Video Track Rail for Speedlite DSLR Camera Camcorder Rig (Black)

Need a perfect car skater video track slider? Neewer Tabletop is a mobile rolling slider that suits your needs perfectly well. Its design is universal-fit for anywhere and any-condition applications. Its design is reminiscent of a rolling skater with top mount design for camera’s attachment. Its sturdy alloyed aluminum is a sign of stability and the rubber-plastic designer wheels are oriented to steady applications.

Best Camera Sliders and Dollies in 2016 Reviews

4. Konova Camera Slider Dolly K2 80cm (31.5 Inch)

The Konova Camera Slider K2 is a 31 & ½-inch camera slider that will never disappoint. It is a premium quality construction that has excellent performance. Its metal structure is a clear-cut durable aspect that sets it top of sliders’ performances. You will now have the most efficient, shake-free and highly stable shots with its smooth and firm slide unit. It is a real stunner and you just need to have it!

Best Camera Sliders and Dollies in 2016 Reviews

3.StudioFX 40″ Ball Bearing Pro DSLR Camera Slider Dolly Track Video Stabilizer by Kaezi

This track video stabilizer is a special design for DSLR cameras. It is made for professional class video shots and photo’ing. It is a strong, sturdy and durable fabrication that serves you for long with maximum convenience. You can have loads ranging to 15lbs on it without a flinch. Besides, its 40-inch length is incredibly fit for your shots. Turn, tilt, and slide your camera shake-free with its smooth ball-bearing unit.

Best Camera Sliders and Dollies in 2016 Reviews

2. Gotobuy Studio 32″ Aluminum Pro DSLR Camera Slider Dolly Track Video Stabilizer Rail System

Gotobuy Studio 32 is a very innovative tool for filmmakers that helps you get smooth, consistent, shot-run dolly shots. It allows to slide camcorders, SLR cameras, DSLR or DV while shooting video and can be positioned on a tripod or attach it flipped over on two tripods to capture dynamic shots. It features two stop breaks for immediate stops and two adjustable-height feet for obtaining the perfect shooting height. It also has two removable height adjustable feet for ideal shooting height with innovative tool for filmmakers.

Gotobuy Studio 32

1. Neewer® Pro(Pro Version of Neewer® Product) 4 Way Macro Focusing Focus Rail Slider

With a macro focus rail slider design, you can take all the close-range shots with unimaginable ease. In fact its 4-way-slide focus unit is the essence of its efficiency. You can take horizontal, vertical and all tilted shots with this slider. It is a premium Neewer trademarked camera slider that runs on a super-smooth slide system devoid of any elements of instability. You will find it very useful in your photography.

Best Camera Sliders and Dollies in 2016 Reviews

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