A complete guide to CNC machining shop

Have you ever seen those TV shows where there are machinists and technicians working together to turn a big metal piece into a piece of small equipment? You know where they turn metal, plastic, or wooden block into artwork or whatever design they are following. That place is called a machine shop. It is not really a shop where you can buy things, rather a place where you can use heavy machinery and pieces of equipment to make stuff. In the modern digitalization era, machine shops have changed. From being manually operated to now being computer-controlled and automated. These types of digitalized machine shops are known as CNC machine shops. In this article, we will provide a complete guide on the CNC machine shop, what to expect, and how to find the right ones.

What to expect in a machine shop?

A machine shop is filled with heavy machinery as it should be. But there are different types of machine shops. Below we will list a few things on what to expect from a machine shop.

1.     Milling

The milling machine has rotary cutters that cut pieces from the given material or workpiece. There are many types of milling machines out there; each has its own purpose, like thinning or roughing the edges or apart.

2.     CNC Milling

A CNC milling machine is operated by a computer system. It does the job of multidimensional 3D cutting and fining of the provided materials.

3.     CNC Lathe

A CNC lathe machine does the job of cutting a workpiece not by rotating the tool but by rotating the workpiece colliding it with the tool. It is used for sanding, knurling, and facing.

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4.     The Grinder

The grinding machine is usually used for finishing a process because it provides greater surfacing quality. It basically uses an abrasive tool forcefully on the surface of a workpiece again and again until the process is done.

5.     The Press Driller

The drill press is a machine that uses a drill mounted on a lever. It has various purposes than just drilling holes. It can even cut materials for fining. It is more precise than any handheld driller.

6.     The Bandsaw

A bandsaw is a machine or tool used for straight cuts on a workpiece. It is mainly used for just cutting part of a workpiece.

7.     EDM

EDM stands for Electrical Discharge Machine. It uses electricity or sparks to cut or penetrate a workpiece for more fine cutting and detailing. Some EDM uses special wires to channel the electrode.

8.     CMM

CMM stand s for Coordinate Measuring Machine. It is a machine used to measure the geometry and dimensions of a workpiece. It guarantees precision and quality.

Most of the machines we have mentioned here are automated, or computer operated. These machines work based on the directions given by the machinists.

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How to find the right machine shop

We will tell you simple steps to find and locate the right CNC machine shop like https://artmachining.com/ for you. Follow along.

●       Competitiveness

Machines shops are obviously running a business. They will charge prices based on work and local competition. Make sure to choose a CNC shop that has low competition, but check their quality. No one wants to work with an organization that charges high but has very low standards.

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●       Privacy

Whatever CNC shop you choose, make sure that they respect your privacy and keep your work confidential. You will be giving them your prototype and sharing your design with them. You must make sure that they have a history of keeping business information private.

●       Trustworthy

Their trustworthiness will be proven by their quality, reliability, and honesty. Check the history of the CNC shop you choose. Are they trustable?

Check these 3 simple traits in a CNC shop before choosing. If they score positive in these traits, then you have found the right CNC machine shop for you.


Machine equipment and small parts are essential for running factories. Different machinery requires different parts of different shapes and sizes. It will be wrong to even expect that the pieces for these machines will be available. You will have to make the most of the time. This is where the CNC machine shops came in to place. Besides, making something innovative also requires you to make equipment parts for yourselves. Only a CNC machine shop can deliver you that potential to make machine parts based on your design or prototype. We hope our complete guide on the CNC machine shop helped you reach your goal a little further.


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