10 Things South Korea Does Better Than Anywhere Else

South Korean and Japan are the giants in Asia that has continue to revolutionize the world due its amazing inventions. In the recent years, South Korean has attracted many investors due to them be among the countries with emerging economies. The following are the 10 things South Korea does better than anywhere else within the world is.

1. Internet connectivity

South Korean is the number one most wired country within the world to enable the users to use internet. South Korea has 83.7% percent Internet penetration, GPS machines and a virtual supermarket in every cab and digital countdowns. The internet also available at bus stops with other having super-cool smart TV across the country. The use of internet has also enhanced creativity and innovation that is witnessed within the country when compared to other countries in the world.


2. The best plastic surgery services

Several reports has indicated that South Korea is the number one country when it comes to offer plastic surgery services. Their excellent plastic surgery services has been one of the reasons why many people from across the world flock the country to get the best plastic surgery on “medical tours”. They will always ensure that you get superb results without getting the side effects. They also offer affordable plastic surgery services when compared to hospitals in UK and US.

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3. Working hard nation

According to 2013 data from the Ministry of Finance and Strategy of South Korea’s, South Koreans work about 46.6 hours per week when compared to the common OECD average of 38.8. Through this, they have managed to grow their economy better than other countries within the content thus making the best option that the market provides. All the cities in South Korea has modern lights making them to blaze on late hours as the workaholics still work.

10 things South Korea does better

4. Upcoming medium size companies

South Korea is the number one country with the largest number of medium size companies that has helped them grow their economy amazingly. Through this, they have also created many jobs for the people who need them within the market. The economy of the country has been expanding due to these medium size companies in the country.

5. Starcraft is actually a good career in South Korea

In South Korea, the Starcraft is actually one of the best careers– potentially a lucrative one where people earn millions of dollars in earnings as well as endorsements possible. This game is too popular in the country to make many resign from their jobs to start a career in Starcraft. The career employs about 1 percent of the SOuth Korean population.

6. Female flight attendants

The flight attendant of the Korean airlines have the highest level of training centers thus has helped them attract the global charm schools in the aviation world. Through this, many people like the traveling with the airlines because of the flight attendants. They are beautiful too. Through this, most of the airlines in South Korea often make huge profits since people prefer them whenever they are traveling across the world as opposed to others from other countries.

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7. Drinking and working nation

South Korea is the only country with a higher level of drinking people who work hard as well. This drinking/ working culture has also helped them grow their economy at the same time enjoy themselves after work. However, drinking is restricted to specific hours to enable people work before they can enjoy their favorite drinks.

8. Has the best female golfers

Of the top one hundred female golfers across the world, 38 of them are Korean. This means that on top 10, 4 of them are Korean. This makes the country one of the top-ranked countries in terms of woman playing golf within the country. Girls also start playing golf within the country at a young age.

9. Innovative cosmetics

South Korea is country with some of the Innovative cosmetics that you can find within the world. They often create creams using the volcanic clay, snail guts and fermented soybeans. The obsession of the South Koreans with beauty has fueled a huge cosmetics industry. South Korea is the world’s biggest market for cosmetics of men.

10. Largest users of credit cards

South Koreans has become the leading country in the world in terms of top credit cards users for the past five years by making 139.7 transactions per individual when compared to 87.9 transactions per individual in the United States. This makes one of the places where people use credit cards across the world.

In conclusion, the above information should help you understand the 10 things South Korea does better than anywhere else in the world.

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