10 Silly And Ridiculous Signs That Might Mean You’re In Love

In life, there are certain feelings that may not require words to be said. Ideally, love can be portrayed in various mysterious, ridiculous and different ways than we expect it to. It is true that most people find it difficult to say I love you’. The emotions, feelings and passion we have in someone else can go a long way in talking a lot in that person. Statistics done show that nearly 80% of the people who are in relationship are terrified and not confident but will never show it. Never deny love its truth. The question here is how can you reveal that you are really in love with your partner? It is through examining various things that we do every day. The following therefore are the 10 silly and ridiculous signs that might mean you’re in love.

Silly, Ridiculous Signs That Might Mean You’re In Love
sign u are in love

1. You don’t realize the time that seem wasted while you are together

Sometimes, you find that you spend a lot of time together but never find that that time is wasted. Take for the instance, you sleep together for long hours but do not seem to have a liking of doing any other chore. Ideally, you feel contented while being together. Most of the people may comment that you wasted the days when you are together but you yourself do not find it wasted. This is a clear sign that you are really in love.

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2. You question each other so much

This is obvious, why do you really question someone? It means that you have some liking in that person. You question in order to know much about that person. At certain times, your questions may seem so much frustrating to your partner but still you put aside all the differences and continue. Mark this as a clear sign that you are really in love with each other.

3. You think about him or her most times in your life.

Whether at the times of cold, storms or sunshine, you think of this person. Every activity that happens next to you makes your mind rest on him or her. You even go to an extreme mile of thinking of sharing your every day’s events with her. This shows that you are in love.

4. You fear their weaknesses

This is one thing that most of the people do. Since love is very terrifying, you find it hard to stay very near to your couple as you may get disappointed by the silly things that you two may do. Besides, this person makes you get afraid if most of the times that you are together. In a nutshell, you get scared of the love from your partner but in your soul, you are deeply rooted in love with them.

5. You find yourself very emotional when you are together

Love cannot be hidden. If you find that when you are with that person, you talk a lot, become more emotional or even laugh louder, then it is a good sign that you are in love with them. You feel more intense when next to these people and in case of any disappointment, you find yourself on the point to solve them.

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6. You perform some of the silly biological functions while you are together

These include farting together, using the same bathroom when your partner is in the shower or even provoking any silly reaction when you are together. This is a clear sign that you are in love.

7. The shortest time that you are together or talk mean a lot

Can you imagine this person only calling for only two minutes a day to say hello to you? This can still make you happy. That minute is ideally worth all the other things.

8. You are coaxed by your inner force to do most of the home chores together

Think of this person telling you to accompany them for a walk and you cannot refuse. You many find out hard to say no just because you don’t want to disappoint them. It clearly depicts the love you have in them.

9. You sacrifice a lot in your life for them

At certain times you decide to make your own life hard just for the other person to enjoy the privileges. You even find yourself scheduling and rescheduling most of your events just for the sake of making them happy. This is clearly a big sign of you are in Love.

10. You don’t mind so much on what you two say

When you are together, one of you may be shouting some of the absurd names but you still use the same words confidently though they are not really in existence. You enjoy each other’s company.


Sometimes love does not require words so as to be displayed as you can see from the above silly and ridiculous signs. You can use them to evaluate your love.

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