10 Questions That You Don’t Want The Answer to

In my walk along the face of the earth, I sometime come to a screeching halt in my thoughts trying to answer very, let’s say, weird questions. Have you ever thought of how the world came into existent? Or perhaps how you grow up from a tiny negligible zygote to a monster in the name of a homo sapiens? These are questions that I try to figure out but would never attempt to sit down with the ancient Greeks trying to find a solution for.

#10. Where did the universe come from?

From the ancient of days, the likes of geologists Charles Darwin trying to explain the evolution theory of mankind. Figure out this: One of your great grandma was a female baboon climbing and jumping from one tree to the other. Her now 10th generation is a weird creature calling itself a human being.
There’s the popular creation theory. A supernatural being took His time someday and decided to create human beings to take care of other creations He had created before. There’s so much controversy about this. Books and more books have been published supporting either. You can choose which narrative to believe in.That I’ve no quarrel but I need no answer to that.

Questions That You Don’t Want The Answer to


#9. Who the hell is Illuminati?What in the world is this damn thing calling itself illuminati?

People have been take north, south, east and west with conspiracy theories about this whole non-entity calling itself illuminati. YouTube is full of poorly scripted documentaries about illuminati. I am yet to come across a sociology PhD student doing a thesis on this secret ‘society’ but I’m sure if all learning institutions would publish all their students’ thesis, finding one would be an understatement.
They’ve even told us that the american dollar is ‘illuminating’ and making a triangle with my fingers would be the form of a ‘illuminatic’ (Am I even making sense? SMH). Next time you try to explain to me who and who are ‘Illuminati’, be sure your a close to have a date with the nearest physician available. This’ one question I need no answer for.

Questions That You Don’t Want The Answer to

#8. How do I get her to love me?

Truth be told, none of the living creatures on planet earth can explain love as a phenomenal leave alone the quacks and cons masquerading as Dr. Cupids. Next time, you think of starting a blog/website on love/relationship issues, spend some valuable time with a psychiatrist else you’re a specialist con. I don’t need your answer. When it gets to matters of the heart, your theory and my heart will never agree.

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Questions That You Don’t Want The Answer to

#7. Why do we need sleep?

It’s a phenomenon that has puzzled me for quite a while. My desire to make money is at its epitome yet I’m limited by two things. One is sleep and the other being time. I try my level best to increase my stamina but it never goes below 5 hours. This thing we call sleep has no economic value to our lives but yet we need so badly. The more reason I love my computer. At any time, it’s at my service when my body fails me big time.

Questions That You Don’t Want The Answer to

#6. How did Jesus walk on water?

Religion is a very controversial topic that may get people flared up with emotions if their religion is attacked. Sadly, the questions are being asked. I vividly recall that week I was attending swimming lessons. It was a pretty challenge for me and other novices to first learn how to float. The tutor kept telling me to ease myself up for me to float. Point is, floating is realistically a cold-blooded animal affair. For a human being to float and then walk on top of the loose surface tension of water, is clearly baffling. I need no further lessons on surface tension since I clearly hate physics. Save yourself some energy and enough words to speak other meaningful issues. As for this, we’ll meet in eternity and God will explain it all.

Questions That You Don’t Want The Answer to

#5. Why do we call it a building when its already built?

English lieutenants have an amazing way of navigating through the world commanding the soldiers to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations. I have been taught that the act of constructing a house or a structure is linguistically referred to as build. The continuous activity is building. ‘I am building a house’. Once the structure is complete, it is now a building. How we got to this level of linguistic insanity I don’t know. I’m not a huge fan of understanding the geometric of the language but you can be sure I don’t need an answer to this question.

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Questions That You Don’t Want The Answer to

#4. If money doesn’t grow on trees, why do banks have branches?

I tend to have a problem with Shakespeare and Co. I don’t think these guys early ‘linguisticians’ had anything with the rot we are experiencing in the world today especially considering the English language. I’m pretty sure they are petitioning God for an hour to come down and try to salvage what has been left of the language. We know that’s not happening soon so keep all the answers to yourself. I will ask him myself then.

Questions That You Don’t Want The Answer to

#3. Why are we spending so much money on research on nuclear weapons yet the same money could be used to help the vulnerable in the society?

I’m really baffled by the big nations who spend so much resources- in training personnel and money, to research more about war and weapons. Yet, somewhere in Africa, a child is dying due to lack of a mosquito net worth less than $3. It’s a question I wouldn’t require an answer to sincerely speaking.

Questions That You Don’t Want The Answer to

#2. How do babies think without words?

I sometime get weird and try to remember my childhood days but I always get to a dead end. What was I think then? When I decided to touch that hot iron box, what was pacing through my mind back then? Did I really have a brain? Do you ask yourself what babies think without words? I think this’ the reason I dislike small kids.

Questions That You Don’t Want The Answer to

#1. I love you.If this is just but a mere statement, why does it require an answer?

Love is no answer and It is not about right or wrong. It is the feeling that we cannot describe . When the time come, your lover will come. There are million meaning of love but we cannot find the real one.





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