10 Popular Secret Organizations of the World

There are different kinds of conspiracy theories that are there about the secret organization, sects and societies. These organizations always try to hide away from the rest of the world. They are always under the point of criticisms due to some kind of weird activities that they do. Here are some of the most famous secret societies of various times. 

10. Ordo Templi Orientis

This is a mystic and internationally fraternal group that existed during the 20th century. One of the renowned members of this group was Aleister Crowley the popular English author. This group was popular about the secret beliefs and ideologies that it had which were considered as influential and dark. They were moving forward with evil agenda. They were also much in controversy about the broad minded views that were very weird about the stimulation of the sexual hormones and the sexual pleasures. New members were taken into this group only after completing several rituals. 

Secret Organizations of the World

9. Bilderberg Group 

This is the secret society that is considered as the one which is the driving force of the new order of the world. This group has got many influential people in it who have political motives. This group always have got meetings of the people selected from them in various influential areas of world. The people who are selected for the meeting used to be government servants, businessmen and politician. These are the people who have got power and have capabilities for influencing the various aspects of the world. The group meeting of this group is not something that is publicly known or comes in news because there is no involvement of common people in this. 

Secret Organizations of the World

8. Hashashashin – The Order of Assassins 

This is a secret group that has got Islamic assassins involved in it and had got control over a significant part of world. This group was formed by the Shia group of Islams and they had the motive of controlling the entire world and let their wills works. The people in this society had special and jungle skills for fighting and assassinating. They were so popular for the killings that they did and also for so many assassinations. They were finished by Mongols after so many controversies that they created by killing people. 

Secret Organizations of the World

7. Ku Klux Klan

This is the group that had supremacy based on colors, racism and violence as their major objectives. This is a group that was considered as darker and the violent one that created so many issues due to their activities that they used to do in past. This group attacked the black Americans, Jews and even Catholics. The people who are part of this group were motivated by the weird ideologies related with racism. Then by about 1859 they started harming black as well as white who were supporting blacks. These people were much larger in number and highly influential. 

6. Beati Paoli 

This is the group that was formed for the purpose of serving the people who are needy and also for the welfare of society. This group took birth in 17th century with the motive of protecting the ordinary people from the powerful class of the society. This is a group that is positive in all aspects. They never tried to emerge in power and served common people without having any personal aims. 

5.Majestic – 12 

This is the secret society that was formed in the year 1947 and this group has got government servants, military officials and scientists in that. This was formed due to the order of US order of US president to research on rumours of UFO. 

4. The Knights of the Golden Circle 

This is a mystic group that was emerged in US during 1865 – 69. This group asked for the incorporation of people from various countries in this as their am was to help people. When the American war broke in 1865, the focus of the society changed and then they started supporting the newly formed mixed rule for governance. They got support from the people also but they started doing offenses. Franklin Pierce the president of US also was associated to this secret society.

3. Thule Society 

This is the group that was accused for the selfish intentions it had but it is the only group that is politically driven. They were formed in 1918 and they propagated the ideologies related with Aryan race. They later formed the German Worker’s party for serving their political needs. 

2. The Order of the Illuminati 

This is a mysterious group that has got much hyped in various movies and books due to the weird beliefs and stories that existed about them. They emerged in 18th century at Germany. The people of this group considered themselves as acknowledge and wise during that time. Media started criticizing this group. 

1. The Freemasons

This is the group that remains mystic and is less influential compared to the earlier days. They are formed for supporting the common men but are criticized for their peculiar nature. 

All these groups are having their own peculiarities and they have started with various goals in mind.

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