10 Perks Of Being A Short Girl

Height is a sensitive issue that a great number of people around the world tend to contend with. It raises various problems, physically, psychologically and emotionally, this depending on each individual’s state of mind. Most short individuals have a tendency to wish for an increase in their height; where this proves impossible, which is in most if not all cases, most such people will take drastic measures to remedy what they view as a short coming.

10 Perks Of Being A Short Girl

However a select few have been known to embrace the nature of their so called physical curse, not only accepting it but coming to see the positive elements it endows.

There are indeed advantages to being a short girl; one need only take the time to raise their heads from their despair and take note of what they have and should be taking advantage of.

They will vary, depending on the individual in question, these benefits of shortness, from the serious to the frivolous; they all none the less make use of a fairly lacking height, 10 perks of being a short girl including the following:

10. Cute clothes-

This is often ignored, the fact that the junior’s section of the clothing store has clothing in considerably more stylish designs and forms than the women’s section. Short height is a necessity to being able to take advantage of this deluge of unique yet small clothing, allowing you access to a pool not available to taller persons.

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9. Youth-

It is often a major complaint among many girls in their early years, the fact that they look younger than they wish to be; this isn’t so for the older generation. Whereas many women in their 40s and beyond have been known to moan over their quickly manifesting age, shortness has a way of negating the passing of time, allowing you to stay younger and look youthful for a much longer time than normal.

Most short girls in their 30s can attest to the questions they attract about being in college.

8. Short girls and skirts-

Most short girls do not realize the fact that, by virtue of their height, they can get away with showing more than most women without looking skanky.

It is a benefit too many short girls never think to take advantage of, the idea of donning short skirts, shorts and similar articles of clothing, presenting a stylish image even while avoiding negative talk.

7. Short men-

It is a fairly known fact that most girls desire tall boys; and the height issue has been known to raise complications for many girls who will find them passing over desirable options because the height factor gets in the way. After all one rarely encounters women that are taller than their men; this isn’t a factor for short girls, for whom the dating pool is wide open to both the extremely tall and those boys that would be considered short by taller or average girl’s standards.

6. Leg room-

If you spend a lot of time on panes, the issue of space can raise all manner of problems unless you are flying first class. Being short is rarely so appreciated as in this case, being able to curl up in your seat, stretch and gain a level of comfort most flyers can only dream of.

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5. Movement-

This rarely presents as a benefit to many short girls who will probably never notice the fact that they do not have to bend over or duck to avoid low ceilings, chandeliers and the like. There is something comforting about being able to waltz about the world at your most comfortable posture, never having to bend over for any reason.

4. Beds-

10 Perks Of Being A Short Girl
short girl and bed

Being a short girl does make you wonder about how most individuals contend with the length of an average sized bed. One can only presume that looking for a bed is a nightmare for the tall, this same situation little more than a cake walk of a short girl that can place her efforts into finding the most comfortable bed, seeing as all sizes are perfectly fine when you are short.

3. Help-

Being short does present a strangely weak image; and while some have been known to despair over this, others simply take advantage. Short girls are always quick to receive help from people around them, most such individuals assuming they cannot manage on their own. This can prove beneficial if used right.

2. Getting lost-

Being able to disappear in the crowd can be an advantage, allowing you to move at you own pace and avoid prying eyes or meeting people you wish not to.

1. Beauty-

Be it the youthful look or aura of innocent, short girls are usually cute as buttons, this being alluring to so many people.


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