Top 10 Most Beautiful Actresses in Hollywood in 2014

Hollywood actresses are the ones who rule the niche of beauty, fashion and style. These charming personalities have impressed everyone with their attitude, style and their excellent capabilities in acting. But to be truthful it is very difficult to name a couple of actresses to be most wonderful and prettier compared to others , because the majority of them are popular for unique specialties such as a few are popular for their very well versed performing and overall performance , while some are favorite due to their beautiful hot and also sexy appeal .These are Top 10 Most Beautiful Actresses in Hollywood in 2014. 

10. Jennifer Aniston

Most Beautiful Actresses in Hollywood in 2014
Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is the popular actress in Hollywood who was born in the year 1969. Even when she so not so young to be casted in the lead role for the big budgeted Hollywood movies, she is still the one whom many people admires and are crazy about. This popular actress is also renowned for her kind and simple nature. 

9. Natalie Portman 

Most Beautiful Actresses in Hollywood in 2014
Natalie Portman

     She is not the person whom destiny has brought into Hollywood just like that but her passion made her to the level where she is. She came to America from Israel with the passion of becoming a renowned actress in Hollywood. She has really struggled and worked much hard for opportunities in Hollywood. Her hard work has shown real colors and it made her become not only the leading and popular actress in Hollywood but also a supermodel. She was the showstopper in many of the fashion shows there internationally popular. 

8.  Megan Fox 

Most Beautiful Actresses in Hollywood in 2014
Megan Fox

She is the stylish and young actress of Hollywood who just started her career in the year 2001. She is only 27 years old but her hardwork and her skills have made her a popular choice among the people. She has done many remarkable roles in Hollywood movies that have helped her in establishing her name in the industry.

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7 . Cameron Diaz 

Most Beautiful Actresses in Hollywood in 2014
Cameron Diaz

She is the one who is popularly called as the calm lady of Hollywood. Many have even said that she is the most friendly and polite actress that you can find in Hollywood. Along with her nature and nicknames, she is also a popular actress in Hollywood who has become part of many of the incredible roles. This lady is so beautiful that she has got many fans for her awesome looks and incredible curves. She has got many international and national awards and has got credited for being an extremely talented actress in the film industry of Hollywood. This lady is charming and has got her own remarkable style and looks. 

6 . Mila Kunis 

Most Beautiful Actresses in Hollywood in 2014
Mila Kunis

She is the one who has moved to America from Ukraine when she was just 13 years old with her parents. She was casted in many of the television commercials and shows from them. Her popularity started becoming more and more with years that she entered the world of Hollywood movies where she could make great contributions with some amazing roles. She is one among the beautiful and hottest actresses that you can find in Hollywood. It is impossible for anyone to forget her name if they are referring to the beautiful angels of Hollywood. She has made such a place in Hollywood that we can say the film industry can be incomplete without her. 

5.  Scarlett Johansson 

Most Beautiful Actresses in Hollywood in 2014
Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett has got nicknamed as a complete entertainment package. Her style, beauty and acting talents have always amazed the Hollywood industry. She is multitalented and has made her imprints in singing, modelling and also acting. She has got a pretty look. She is also known as the sexiest and gorgeous Cinderella of Hollywood. Words are not enough to describe the influence this lady has on the film industry of Hollywood due to her exceptional talents. 

4.  Jessica Alba 

Most Beautiful Actresses in Hollywood in 2014
Jessica Alba

She is the wonderful and sexiest lady among the array of Hollywood actresses. She is the dream girl for many youngsters in various parts of the world due to her charming personality. Her looks and smile both are just exceptional and admiring. Her appealing look and incredible skills have made her much successful in the film industry. Hollywood has accepted her as an exceptional actress who has got the capabilities for making great hits in Hollywood. 

3 . Marion Cotillard 

Most Beautiful Actresses in Hollywood in 2014
Marion Cotillard

Marion has become a very renowned face in Hollywood with her amazing performance in many movies. She is an actress who has got great passion towards acting. She came to America from France in search of opportunities for starting her career in acting. She started her successful career in the year 1993. From then she has won many academy and golden awards for her excellent performance. There is much to tell about this exceptionally talented woman. Her gorgeous look has conquered the hearts of many people all over the world. She has got accepted by people from many parts of the world due to her great looks and amazing skills. 

2.  Emma Stone 

Most Beautiful Actresses in Hollywood in 2014
Emma Stone

She is the lady with a charming and amazing face. Her looks are cute and pretty. She entered Hollywood in an age of 16 and has acted in many movies as child. Her talents and her alluring beauty have made her stay back in the industry for such a prolonged period. As she became young, she starts receiving chances in lead roles as part of many popular Hollywood movies as well as theater. She is talented, beautiful and the charming lady of Hollywood whom almost everyone admires. 

1. Angelina Jolie

Most Beautiful Actresses in Hollywood in 2014
Angelina Jolie


She is one among the m0ost talented and passionate actresses in Hollywood. She is beautiful and bold. Her looks have always made her an appealing choice by almost all the people who watch Hollywood movies. She has got so many fans not just because of her talents but as she is gorgeous in her looks. She has got so many academic awards and have won Oscar and filmfare. 

All these Hollywood divas are ruling the film industry with their charming looks and also their extraordinary talents. They are attractive and also most of them are into social service in some or the other way. Their beauty both externally and internally has made the fans admire and love them to such extend. These top 10 beautiful ladies have got innumerable fans from many parts of the world.

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